As I’ve just spent the past week evaluating entries for the Australian Search Awards, I thought it timely to highlight how many entries I saw still using misguided efforts in an attempt to improve client results. An overlooked, and simple to implement, tool for boosting a client’s bottom line is speed tweaks. What I learned […]

Received some great feedback after last week’s video, with many viewers asking about the virtues of WordPress and WooCommerce that I had deliberately omitted. It was a deliberate oversight on my part, especially when comparing its weaknesses against the rising star of eCommerce platforms. What I learned Magento’s decline is gathering pace Is WooCommerce the […]

What eCommerce platform is right for me?” It’s one of the most common questions I get asked, and rightly so, as there are myriad platforms to choose from, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. Get it wrong and you may be stuck with an eCommerce platform that is incompatible with your needs and ends […]

Taking a look this week at an oft-overlooked website feature that could be costing you big money. The site search feature greatly improves User Experience, conversions and revenue with useful data to see where visitors are coming from and their behaviours. So are you using it? What I learned Site search is a must-have for […]

Had the pleasure of speaking last week at the Self-Storage Association of Australasia conference in Brisbane. It also happened to coincide with yet another Canberra coup, which seemed an opportune time to highlight the power of Google Trends and its ability to check brand strength. What I learned How to check your brand strength using […]

Since Google’s new Medic update has been causing ranking ripples across Australia, Gary Illyes from Google has been asking for specifics from those claiming to have been affected by the algorithm change. I have sent him data on a few examples that show how Google may be getting a little confused. What I learned Medic […]

The ultimate idea for any business’s website is to convert a particular goal that helps to increase revenue. In recent times though, there seems to be a push to ensure that the user experience and navigation is also optimal. So, what is the real difference between conversion rate optimisation and user experience? Let’s find out. […]

This week sees the effects of Google’s new algorithm core update. It has been nicknamed ‘Medic’ in some quarters and has taken a week since release for us to see movement on any of our client’s sites and they appear to be in the medical and construction industries. What I learned Medic appears to be […]

This is an introduction to internal linking, who uses it, how it’s used and what for. As well as some best practices and recommendations when building your link architecture. What is internal linking? Internal links are the connections between the pages of your site that are used by people and crawlers to navigate the pages […]

Helped a friend out recently with his new brand launch and thought I’d pass on some knowledge for anyone currently building a business or brand. One of the most important things to do when embarking on PR for your new brand is utilise structured data to help Google understand the relationship between your web pages […]