About Us

Driving Business Growth Through all Facets of Digital Marketing

Have you ever asked yourself?

  • “Why am I failing to get a decent ROI?”
  • “Why are my AdWords campaigns costing me more than I’m making?”
  • “How can I generate more leads and rely on fewer referrals?”
  • “Why aren’t I breaking into the top spots in Google?”
  • “Should my business embrace Facebook advertising?” (Or social in general)
  • “What techniques, strategies and tactics should I employ?”


Are you frustrated that:

  • your website is attractive but faltering?
  • you feel that you can’t ever seem to get ahead of the competition?
  • you don’t understand how to scale your business for success?

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We can help!

Staking a claim for your business in the digital landscape should be an enjoyable and rewarding experience, but unfortunately it is often one that is fraught with pitfalls and technical barriers for the unwary. StewArt Media have been innovating, refining and implementing digital marketing solutions since 1988 and is led by CEO and industry pioneer Jim Stewart.

Jim and his team share a true passion for digital marketing and strive to be at the cutting edge of changes. We advocate an emphasis on brand promotion before pleasing Google to elevate your business to the top of Google’s rankings. We are one of Australia’s most respected digital marketing companies and provide digital marketing services including Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Paid Advertising, Site Audits, Conversion and Content Optimisation, and Site Migrations.

We understand the complexities of specialised industries and have partnered with corporations across a variety of businesses and sizes including some of the largest companies in the world as well as small businesses.

We believe in breaking with traditional, staid methods of SEO in the pursuit of radical, yet effective digital marketing strategies such as placing an emphasis on building brand before Google rankings.

Ultimately it’s all about the same thing, driving business and maximising returns. Our practices and solutions are highly ethical, resulting in us being awarded a coveted Google Premier Partner certification, with a focus on providing outstanding service to drive long-term partnerships and results.

With years of SEO experience, unparalleled technical expertise and a refreshingly creative approach to online marketing, our team at StewArt Media has helped hundreds of businesses increase their online presence and we can help yours too.


Meet Our Leadership Team

Each member of our team is highly valued for his or her skill, passion, and dedication. We offer a powerful mix of experience and expertise in all specialisations of digital marketing to enhance growth and drive your business further.

Jim Stewart

Roberta Stewart

Danielle Johnson
General Manager

Jim Haritonas
National Sales Manager

Our Client Service Charter is available to download. Get in contact with us by email [email protected] or 1300 351 501 .

Our Core Values

  • We have passion for our work. Without passion, what’s the point?
  • Our teams are our greatest asset
  • We are not constrained by traditional thinking – creative problem solving is how we achieve constant results
  • We aim to be ‘creators’ and not ‘followers’
  • Our multi-skilled teams set monthly goals to achieve big values
  • We strive to provide an enjoyable experience with outstanding value
  • We constantly monitor trends and changes
  • We provide a roadmap on which a client can achieve their goals
  • Pursue growth learning everyday
  • We celebrate your wins like they were our own