I’ll be going into greater detail about my revenue model when I present at this year’s Retail Global event in May on the Gold Coast, but for now I’ll remind you of what you should be focusing on in your retail business and update you on the client we’ve been tracking with data. What I […]

Went to Cairns last week where I presented on revenue. It was very well received and I’ll be teaching again at this year’s Retail Global on the Gold Coast. I’ll be showing off some new revenue techniques that I won’t be doing in public. This week I’m talking about a client that was getting a […]

Off to Cairns today where I’ll be giving a presentation on how to boost revenue on a website. It’s been a real eye-opener since switching to a revenue focused model and I’m learning new things all the time. Drops in old metrics that used to be cause for panic, such as organic traffic, bounce rates […]

As great as Google is as a search engine, it isn’t without its flaws. One such flaw is its use of social proof and popularity to return search results. Unfortunately this is why results often miss the target leaving you scratching your head. Some people claim that the only people that are successful on Google […]

In a classic case of the old guard trying to defend its long-held grip on an industry, News Corp has appealed to the government to break up Google as they have become too powerful. Pot. Kettle. Black. While the fear of being outmuscled by a business rival is understandable, it is also confusing and misguided […]

A few new releases from Google last week, including allowing retailers to use the merchant centre regardless of them having ad campaigns or not. Another slow release is what they are calling their `Google Playbooks` that are a collection of best practises which make for fascinating reading and enforce many of the beliefs we apply […]

Google’s social network, Google Plus (Google+), has been limping along for the past few years without any real uptake from the general internet population. While it’s seen some popularity among developer circles and those within the SEO space, it’s never been able to hold its own against the behemoth that is Facebook, and Google is […]

Focussing on increasing revenue is not only highly beneficial to your bottom line, but it can be fun finding and tweaking potential faults in your site. A current eCommerce client had great mobile traffic but a poor conversion rate. A simple UX fix resulted in a mobile and organic rise in revenue of 600%! What […]

Many elements need to co-exist to create a revenue generating eCommerce website, but many site owners overlook some of those elements and end up leaving money on the table. You need to identify your weak spots and prop them up to fulfill your revenue generating potential. What I learned Use technical SEO to improve sales […]

There’s potentially lots of buried treasure underground, you just need to know where to dig, right? Well the same can be said for your website. There are most likely lots of revenue that you are leaving untapped every month; you just need to know where to find it. And that’s where data comes in. What […]