We’re gearing up for our FREE webinar next week, Thursday 1st July at 11am. Make sure you book your spot early as places are limited. I’ll be talking about how you could be making more money from your eCommerce store by abandoning old school SEO in exchange for a new Shopping Experience Optimisation that focuses […]

Our focus of late has been about redefining SEO. Ecommerce sites should be all about the shopper, not the search engine. Google labelled “trust” as an element of brands back in 2009, and we took that to mean brands are rewarded, especially if they deliver a quality customer experience. That’s why I’ll be doing a […]

Greetings from the frozen tundra of Melbourne! We made a small UX change on mobile for a client recently and it’s had amazing results. It was aligned with my thought process of trying to make eCommerce as friendly and convenient as a bricks and mortar shopping experience. Removing this particular roadblock opened the floodgates to […]

I’ve been spending a fair bit of time this week building dashboards for our eCommerce clients. They are so much more effective than having to dig through Google Analytics data as you can have the essential elements you want to focus on front and centre. I don’t bother with SEO and rankings as that’s not […]

Ever find yourself yelling in frustration at how difficult some eCommerce sites are to use? I know I do. Daily. We tend not to complain in physical stores, but seem to accept issues in eCommerce environments. The new Core Web Vitals update will help you improve the user experience on your store that will help […]

A big update to Core Web Vitals is upon us and will include many factors that we’ve been talking about for the past four years. Unlike many other reports, Core Web Vitals only uses data gleaned from real customers as they travel through your site. This enforces our belief that great rankings and awesome UX […]

PayPal has announced its Pay in 4 buy now, pay later service will launch in June. They have a strong customer base here and are promising easy integration to existing merchant accounts. While it will certainly affect the BNPL pecking order there are some issues that must be taken into consideration. Google’s still hiding results […]

Thanks to everyone that attended the webinar. Lots of great talking points from it as always. One major point was eCommerce Conversion Rates. There’s a lot of misunderstanding about what that represents and how studying individual channels and understanding your analytics can lead to an improved shopping experience. What does an ECR represent? Do you […]

Google cut deals but Facebook simply picked up their ball and went home. That’s right; Facebook decided they weren’t going to be dictated to by the Australian government and overnight banned Australian news content from their platform. While the implications of the move depend on your news views, it may have consequences for your business. […]

Google is still undecided if they are going to pack a suitcase and leave our shores. Personally I don’t think they will. All parties, even the opposition, appear to be in agreement with the proposed media bargaining code, but I feel many are still keeping their cards close to their chests. I’m hosting a webinar […]