Exciting times as I’ve settled on early April for my book launch. Further details to follow. Do you know how much you are spending on Google and why you’re spending it? Nope? Not many do. We’re big believers in spending money on ads, but we expect a certain return for that investment. Being a Google […]

Well it’s been three years in the making, but I’ve finally put the finishing touches on my new book “Get Stuffed Google”. If you’d like to be notified about its release date then you can email me at [email protected], and I’ll be sure to add you to the list. It will highlight the importance of […]

Welcome back and welcome to 2020 everyone! Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year. We debated late last year what impact Black Friday sales would have on pre-Christmas sales and whether Boxing Day would display similar bumper results. The data supports our suspicions. What I learned A lot of Black Friday money […]

Well that’s it for another year. It’s been a huge year for our revenue model and our focus on working with retailers. We’ll be rolling out our Mystery Shopper product next year, helping retailers identify fixes on their sites and plugging those revenue holes. The keys will be to build your brand, fix any UX […]

Bad news sells as the old saying goes, and the media is having a field day right now shouting from the rooftops about poor retail results and how it’s a precursor to a recession. Trouble is I’m not seeing it, and many others are saying similar. We’ve been achieving stellar results for clients, so if […]

Black Friday exploded across the Australian retail landscape like never before. While it seems like every retailer from cartons to car dealers are getting in on the act, many are consciously avoiding the occasion. One of our clients chose not to participate thanks to stellar results this year, but for other businesses it can be […]

It’s arguably the biggest sale week of the year with the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend approaching. The big question is not only how are you getting people into your store, but are you ready for them once they arrive? What I learned We can have an instant impact for retailers Your site is your store […]

Mystery shopping is big business, big enough that the Poms have a reality show dedicated to it, and it should be an integral part of your online store. A lot of the science behind laying out your eCommerce store is grounded in real-world retail. There are lessons to learn that could boost sales. What I […]

We take a holistic approach to achieving results for our clients, a bit of ads, a sprinkle of SEO, a dash of speed. But we’re also interested in applying old school retail standards to websites, and it’s something we’ve ben using on our clients for a while now. There’s been great interest in our mystery […]

I’ve been doing the rounds amongst retailers this week and I was being asked a common question from many of them: “Do you do CRO?” Well, no. And kind of yes as well. You can improve your Ecommerce Conversion Rate by simply pulling one of the levers at your disposal. We have other ways. What […]