A lifetime ago, long before I embarked on a career in the Internet era, I used to sell newspaper advertising. While continuing with my office clean out I discovered an old ad that I wrote, which incidentally won an award. Breaking down the ad today reminds me that the basics of advertising haven’t changed, only […]

An article was brought to my attention this week concerning the author’s opinion on where you should be spending your marketing dollars. I thought many of his viewpoints were a little off target and ignored many of the brand building principals we successfully employ. What I learned There’s more to marketing than Facebook and Instagram […]

I’ve been having a trip down memory lane during a recent office cleanout, finding a beginner’s guide to the Internet I created that shows how much the landscape has changed and one thing that you should still rely on. What I learned How drastically Internet usage has changed, including the user base We have less […]

One of the most powerful features on Facebook’s advertising platform is the ability to connect your ecommerce store and sell your products directly to your Facebook/Instagram audiences. Once you have set up your catalogue and uploaded your products you are ready to start advertising your products on Facebook and Instagram using the wide range of […]

We are changing our approach to eCommerce clients from now on, with a direct approach of boosting revenue and not trying to satisfy Google. The measure of any eCommerce business owner is the bottom line, so that’s what we’re here to do with a recent client’s experience as a perfect example. What I learned Revenue […]

Spent an evening at the Opera House last week dressed up to the nines and had the honour of being a judge at the SEMrush Australian Search Awards. The event was a great opportunity to mingle with the industry on a grand scale and celebrate the work of many newbies in the industry as well […]

Back from an awesome week at Pubcon and the U.S. Search Awards in Vegas where I had the pleasure of catching up with industry friends and even got to fire off a question to Gary Illyes from Google. Still amazed at the popularity of backlinks at these functions and I got to debate the benefits […]

While we do SEO, we’re not an SEO agency – we’re a revenue agency! SEO just happens to be one of the many tools we use to generate meaningful results (mainly cash money) for our clients. Focus on the metrics & results that impact your business, rather than the tools & techniques you use to […]

We hate seeing money being left on the table by clients, so we are always looking for new money making opportunities. A miniscule extra outlay created fantastic returns for one eCommerce client and it’s all about utilising the power of two of Google’s most powerful ad products. What I learned A tiny additional spend can […]

Have had some great interactions with viewers these past couple of weeks regarding the best e-commerce platform. While I acknowledge that the most popular doesn’t always mean the best, it is important to understand the forces that drive revenue, such as conversion rate and basket size. What I learned Just because it’s popular, doesn’t mean […]