I’ve been getting praise and publishing space thanks to my election prediction, but all I was doing was reading the data. We’re off to Retail Global tomorrow where my workshop will be covering essential retailer’s tips such as speed to purchase, cognitive load, and the new way of thinking about SEO. Also, as mobile rapidly […]

Well another Australian federal election has wrapped up and while most of the country was left reeling at the result, I wasn’t. I wasn’t because once more I placed my faith in Google data that showed a great deal of negativity for Labor, mostly centred on taxes, superannuation and how their policies would hurt you […]

Caught up with an old friend and industry colleague last week and the conversation turned to SEO. Yes, I know, that ranking thing. I explained how it had become a popularity contest and if you combine your strong brand with technical aspects you should dominate your category. The difference in the approaches of Google and […]

I’ve been hearing from folks in all industries that traffic has been down across the board lately with no rational explanation for the weird fluctuations. One of the main reasons could be the announcement of the federal election. It appears traffic for brand searches and politics have been playing seesaws with one another over the […]

Instead of trying to source fresh traffic, have you asked yourself whether you’re utilising your existing traffic? One of the easiest ways you can ensure a smooth sales funnel for today’s customers is to become one. Have you ever purchased anything from your own store? Test it on all devices and platforms to identify problem […]

It’s quite easy to while away the hours tinkering with tools that can affect channels like SEO and Google AdWords, when you could be focused on the user experience on your site and how it may be affecting conversions. You need to understand the relationship that different channels have, and how they often work in […]

I’ll be going into greater detail about my revenue model when I present at this year’s Retail Global event in May on the Gold Coast, but for now I’ll remind you of what you should be focusing on in your retail business and update you on the client we’ve been tracking with data. What I […]

Went to Cairns last week where I presented on revenue. It was very well received and I’ll be teaching again at this year’s Retail Global on the Gold Coast. I’ll be showing off some new revenue techniques that I won’t be doing in public. This week I’m talking about a client that was getting a […]

Off to Cairns today where I’ll be giving a presentation on how to boost revenue on a website. It’s been a real eye-opener since switching to a revenue focused model and I’m learning new things all the time. Drops in old metrics that used to be cause for panic, such as organic traffic, bounce rates […]

As great as Google is as a search engine, it isn’t without its flaws. One such flaw is its use of social proof and popularity to return search results. Unfortunately this is why results often miss the target leaving you scratching your head. Some people claim that the only people that are successful on Google […]