One of the most powerful features on Facebook’s advertising platform is the ability to connect your ecommerce store and sell your products directly to your Facebook/Instagram audiences. Once you have set up your catalogue and uploaded your products you are ready to start advertising your products on Facebook and Instagram using the wide range of […]

We are changing our approach to eCommerce clients from now on, with a direct approach of boosting revenue and not trying to satisfy Google. The measure of any eCommerce business owner is the bottom line, so that’s what we’re here to do with a recent client’s experience as a perfect example. What I learned Revenue […]

Spent an evening at the Opera House last week dressed up to the nines and had the honour of being a judge at the SEMrush Australian Search Awards. The event was a great opportunity to mingle with the industry on a grand scale and celebrate the work of many newbies in the industry as well […]

Back from an awesome week at Pubcon and the U.S. Search Awards in Vegas where I had the pleasure of catching up with industry friends and even got to fire off a question to Gary Illyes from Google. Still amazed at the popularity of backlinks at these functions and I got to debate the benefits […]

While we do SEO, we’re not an SEO agency – we’re a revenue agency! SEO just happens to be one of the many tools we use to generate meaningful results (mainly cash money) for our clients. Focus on the metrics & results that impact your business, rather than the tools & techniques you use to […]

We hate seeing money being left on the table by clients, so we are always looking for new money making opportunities. A miniscule extra outlay created fantastic returns for one eCommerce client and it’s all about utilising the power of two of Google’s most powerful ad products. What I learned A tiny additional spend can […]

Have had some great interactions with viewers these past couple of weeks regarding the best e-commerce platform. While I acknowledge that the most popular doesn’t always mean the best, it is important to understand the forces that drive revenue, such as conversion rate and basket size. What I learned Just because it’s popular, doesn’t mean […]

As I’ve just spent the past week evaluating entries for the Australian Search Awards, I thought it timely to highlight how many entries I saw still using misguided efforts in an attempt to improve client results. An overlooked, and simple to implement, tool for boosting a client’s bottom line is speed tweaks. What I learned […]

Received some great feedback after last week’s video, with many viewers asking about the virtues of WordPress and WooCommerce that I had deliberately omitted. It was a deliberate oversight on my part, especially when comparing its weaknesses against the rising star of eCommerce platforms. What I learned Magento’s decline is gathering pace Is WooCommerce the […]

What eCommerce platform is right for me?” It’s one of the most common questions I get asked, and rightly so, as there are myriad platforms to choose from, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. Get it wrong and you may be stuck with an eCommerce platform that is incompatible with your needs and ends […]