Week three of company self-isolation and still no end in sight to all this disruption. Trends have been showing how people are adapting their shopping habits to suit the new hibernation mindset and the popular products that have emerged. Some are obvious, some are weird, but it shows that there is still money out there […]

Well it’s been a bleak week and I fear it’s only going to become worse. Many businesses are being forced to close their doors; many workers are being laid off. In this unimaginable time, it’s more important than ever to retain a sense of positivity, try to shut out those dark voices in your head. […]

Well Coronavirus has certainly taken a firm grip on the economy and our country as a whole since last week’s show. If you have a bricks and mortar business presence now is a great time to take it online. To match that revenue you’ll need to make sure online is as efficient as it can […]

Coronavirus, COVID-19, is sweeping the globe and upsetting markets not seen since the GFC. Unlike the GFC though, supply chain issues and the perceived dangers of congregating in crowds are fuelling this panic. Can your online business take advantage of that? What I learned The world has gone mad Why it’s a “supply chain virus” […]

What’s better for your revenue return? Organic or paid traffic? It’s an ongoing discussion and one I had again this week. Paid converts better and page one on mobile isn’t what it used to be. What I learned Does organic traffic have any value? Organic #1 on mobile is page 2 Why paid converts higher […]

Ended up researching search data on shoes for some unknown reason this week. Don’t ask me why. It threw up some interesting data that stirred up opinions when I posted it on LinkedIn. As humans we often go with our gut and don’t believe what we’re seeing. This was a perfect example. What I learned […]

Preparing for my 12th Retail Global workshop on the Gold Coast, May 27-29. I’ll be basing it on my upcoming book “Get Stuff, Google – Increasing Sales Before Traffic” which is a must for any eCommerce retailers looking to put sales growth before the whims of Google. What I learned Are you looking for traffic […]

Following up on a story from a couple of weeks ago where a client damaged their ad campaigns by following advice from Google. A simple reverse of those elements has seen us claw back returns but it goes to show that you shouldn’t be reliant on their ad revenue. What I learned Going against Google’s […]

You’re missing out if you don’t buy your brand. I’ve advocated that for a while, but I was reminded of it again this week while searching for a battery via Battery World and didn’t see any brand ads. Ads make speed to purchase simple as opposed to trawling through your site. You may be missing […]

Another Aussie retailer is hitting the skids, adding to the many others over the past year alone. While Jeanswest isn’t unique in its problems, a quick analysis of their website shows the same failures as many others I’ve investigated. The crux of the problem is always the same, treating your online presence as a marketing […]