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Is revenue the measure of your business success? It should be. There’s little point in spending precious time and money achieving keyword and traffic targets if no one buys from your site once they visit. That’s where the team at StewArt Media can help. Our expert team has created a unique Revenue Growth Model that leverages a range of digital marketing skills to identify and target missed revenue opportunities for eCommerce retailers. This highly successful strategy has produced amazing results, with some clients experiencing a doubling of revenue and traffic using data-driven key metrics and predictive gains. While the revolutionary Revenue Growth Model doesn’t suit all eCommerce businesses, the outcome is clear: The measurement of success is the impact on your revenue with a view to long-term, sustained growth. If you feel as though your business may be a perfect fit, get in contact with us today to chat about our qualification process.

Reduce Your Costs, Increase Your Revenue

Some agencies increase their fees the more you spend on ads. We find this “we’re charging you more because you’re making more” counterproductive. Isn’t it wiser to make more and spend less? We have a simple policy for Google Ad spend: A flat rate regardless of spend. Our aim is to reduce your ad spend while increasing your revenue, meaning more money in your pocket every month.

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Experience & Expertise

With over 15 years in the digital marketing arena, the StewArt Media team has the analytical and technical knowledge to identify and implement changes fast, meaning a removal of revenue roadblocks and more money in your pocket.

Revenue Focused

Revenue should define business success. Our unique revenue model utilises all the traditional building blocks of digital marketing (SEO, CPC, UX, Content) to identify and target lost revenue opportunities for eCommerce businesses with a view to long-term, sustained growth

Data Driven Targets

Our proven revenue model can accurately forecast revenue gains based on an established set of data-driven key metrics and predictive gains. Our knowledge of basket sizes, market categories and traffic sources combine to increase conversions and optimise returns.

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