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Our Marketing Services

Below are our areas of expertise, and the benefits you can expect to see when engaging our services. While the channels may alter based upon your needs as a business and where your qualified leads are located, underlying each of these pillars of marketing is a strong focus on the User Experience. We review the steps your potential customers take to become a fully-realised customer, and optimise the process to improve that conversion rate – across all your key channels.

Website Optimisation

  • We leverage decades of SEO experience to improve Google’s crawl & understanding of your site
  • Bring in more qualified, targeted traffic
  • Better the User Experience through CRO, leading to increased return rate & conversions = more money

Paid Advertising

  • Build exposure for website & brand
  • Decrease ad spend, grow revenue
  • CTR and conversion analysis

Social Media

  • Grow engagement with your audience
  • Reach wider audiences that are highly targeted

Content Production

  • Improve perception
  • Build expertise, authority & trust with your customers
  • Video production & consulting

Email Marketing

  • Create and grow opportunities for upselling
  • Build lists to target people in different stages of the purchasing process

Strategic Consultation

  • Push your brand beyond online
  • Solidify brand message, improving performance both online & offline
  • Manage the voice of your brand
  • Spread your message faster & further
  • Build and explore your customer personas with your consultant

Each of these key marketing areas contribute to better rankings in search

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How we leverage these channels into a business strategy that will take your marketing to the next level

First month, we consult, we dig, we prod. We explore the best opportunities to make you money. We target qualified traffic – we craft goals based upon realistic targets that both StewArt Media and the client choose, both long-term (3-6 months) and short-term (monthly).

Our campaigns are tailored to the business that needs them. While one company may require an extensive social media campaign, another might just rely on paid & display advertising, or maybe you’re looking for education, training & consultation on how to optimise your conversion funnel. We find out where your potential customers are, and do everything we can to reach & convert them.

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