Retailer Ranking Hacks

Welcome back Rankers! This week I’m off to the Gold Coast to Retail Global. If you are coming, please come and check out our booth where we will give you a free audit on your site and tell you what’s wrong with it. We’re also doing AdWords audits and SEO audits this year so come […]

Hosting and SEO

Welcome back Rankers! Back from Adelaide. Thanks to everyone in Adelaide for last week as I learnt a lot of stuff, met some awesome people, got some new mates, so it was really good. Admittedly, I had a bit of a disaster with my slide deck, but that’s another story. Know Your Host I want […]

Big Digital Adelaide

Well I’m back from Big Digital Adelaide. My presentation was hilarious because we had a Google Apps fail and 80% of my slides were devoid of images. Which is a little challenging when you are a low text bloke.  Anyway hopefully I was semi-coherent for all who attended. My presentation WITH images is at the […]

Direct AU Registrations Ridiculously Expensive

Welcome back Rankers! I wanted to talk to you today about a couple of things. But, before I get on to that, we have a couple of upcoming events to mention. This time next week, I will be in Adelaide at Big Digital events. There will be lots of really smart people speaking there. Marty […]

Full recovery from Google “Fred” update

Welcome back Rankers! Look, I’ve been doing this show for about thirteen years now, every Wednesday. It’s on YouTube, it’s on our blog at, and every time it gets to this time of the week I go, “What am I going to talk about this week?!” Sometimes there’s lots to discuss, and other times […]


Welcome back Rankers! Big DNS outage during the week in Australia, and it affected a lot of international traffic as well. This can have a real impact on your SEO, so I wanted to talk to you about DNS and what you need to know. What are the critical things that you should be aware […]

Netregistry DNS Outage

The pingdom alerts started popping into our Slack channels just after 9 this morning. Sites that are reliable started going down. We had 3 within the space of a minute go down.  All up we had about 5 client sites affected. As at time of writing one site is still down. The DNS Problem We […]

Moving domains SEO

Welcome back Rankers! Just did an awesome show but I didn’t record it. Oops! Just a bit of housekeeping to start with. We are going to a conference on May 8 & 9 called Big Digital Adelaide. (Use this code for $100 off: jimstewartadl17) If you are going to that then be sure to hit […]

Google Updates – Wait!

Welcome back Rankers! Back from Bali. Thank you to everyone that said I looked really hot on last week’s video. Good to know I’ve still got it. I wanted to talk to you a little bit more today about the updates we’re seeing this year, about the quality stuff, and more importantly how you go […]

HTTPS Not Secure on logins

I hadn’t seen this before but in addition to Google showing the not secure warnings in the location window it looks as though they will also be showing it as a big red warning next to password fields and presumably credit card fields. I have not yet seen this warning on Credit Card fields though, […]