It’s important to learn how to prioritise when setting targets in retail. If you don’t stick to budgets you will surely end up throwing money all over the place, often with little return. I’ll be hosting a webinar soon with plenty of tips for you to go inspect your own site and priorities. Even if […]

How much money do you want to make? It can be an open ended question, right? Well it’s one of the first questions we ask clients, and to be honest most of them don’t have an answer. That’s why we are hosting a Spring Clean webinar soon, so clients can get their sites in order […]

Revenue should be your only goal in eCommerce. We help clients set those targets and often we then work out a way to get there. You have to work out the best avenues for achieving those goals, whether through ads, traffic, devices, or improved UX. If you are adding things to your site, make sure […]

We’ve always encouraged clients to improve site speed; it’s one of the fundamentals of great UX. Google is now talking about “Web vitals”, jargon for improving usability. I’ve been speaking with lots of clients lately about cleaning up unused plugins that are draining their load times. If you’re not using them anymore, get rid of […]

Been having another great week for clients this week which is fantastic. Had to turn a potential one down though as they were fixated on what “SEO” meant to them. We treat SEO differently and as a means to an end for our client’s revenue goals. It’s not a strategy employed by other agencies but […]

Ads management fees vary between agencies. Many still charge their clients based on an antiquated newspaper method of charging more fees the more the client spends. That makes no sense to me. The aim should be to reduce the client’s spend and make them more money, all for a flat fee. How do you do […]

We deem success for our clients as hitting or exceeding agreed revenue-focused goals over a specified time period. Often new or prospective clients haven’t got a clue what that target may be, so we often have to help. Both avenues to success, with lead-gen and retail, are still based on the fundamentals of great user […]

With us fielding more inquiries of late from new businesses wishing to join us, I thought it’d be an opportune moment to explain how we work. An introductory meeting helps us establish what they are expecting from us, problems they may have had in the past, and whether it’s mutually beneficial for us to work […]

We’re heading into a post-COVID isolation phase but I’m still seeing some weird trends in data. Items that were hot pre-COVID are seeing resurgence. When analysing data you need reference points for context and the same applies when setting your own goals. The right metrics can help you observe your past and plan your future. […]

I was testing out a national retailer’s site this week and was greeted with an embedded, mammoth video with a horrendous load time. Not the greatest user experience you’ll have. I try to convey the message that you need to treat your site like a physical store. If you wouldn’t subject a physical visitor to […]