Christmas is coming and the goose may be getting fat, but we’re not looking like getting out of lockdown anytime soon! There’s been enormous strain on the mail delivery system these past few months as more and more of us shift to buying online. That doesn’t bode well for Christmas deliveries, so the advice is […]

A recent new client scrum we did really enforced how much we’ve changed as a business since focusing on revenue for clients. Where in the past I would have been pushing for certain “tech-tasks” I found myself admitting that the fix wouldn’t affect revenue as much as many of the other issues we identified. If […]

Still counting down the days to getting out of Stage Four. We get asked if we still do SEO. Yes, we do. It underpins many of our daily tasks. But what we do differently is place revenue as our number one client target and work back from there. As a site owner you need a […]

Still in Stage Four but a little more light at the end of the tunnel for Melbourne. Thanks to all that attended the webinar recently; I had some great feedback. One common question from it was how to check your brand. Google Trends is your friend on this one, and it is also a great […]

Two days until I host our Spring Clean webinar. I’ve been receiving lots of comments recently regarding how bad some eCommerce sites are. People are being forced to shop online and the lack of quality on some sites is starting to draw attention. I’ll be covering the simple changes you can make to your own […]

The debacle within the Victorian government this week has shown us the great importance of data and record keeping within your own business. Solid data can help you make informed decisions that will contribute to business growth, but if you don’t know where your starting point is, how do you know where you’re heading? […]

Spring is in the air and search results reflect the interest in the usual springtime pursuits such as gardening. We’ve had some continued great results for clients recently, including a brand new client. We like to give things a few months at least to prove they’re not flash in the pan results before setting new […]

Our free webinar is fast approaching on September 17. It’s a Spring Clean webinar to help eCommerce retailers prepare for Black Friday and the sale seasons. We’re leaving out the tech-talk and only focusing on things you can do to your site that will have maximum impact. We’ll help you understand your data, what your […]

Google posted an open letter to Australians this week warning us of a new law that will harm the way we use search. Basically the ACCC has called them anti-competitive and is making them pay for news content. Now Google certainly is anti-competitive in some areas, just not this one. They can be a threat […]

It’s important to learn how to prioritise when setting targets in retail. If you don’t stick to budgets you will surely end up throwing money all over the place, often with little return. I’ll be hosting a webinar soon with plenty of tips for you to go inspect your own site and priorities. Even if […]