Hey, welcome back Rankers. Weather is warming up in Melbourne. It’s racing season. Gardening. Got the veggie patch in. Everything’s growing. It’s going to be great, and then next month, off to Pubcon in Vegas where I hope to see a few of you there. Meet up with a few old mates. I wanted to […]

Hey welcome back Rankers! You doing well? Spring is here, finally and well, I was in the garden all day yesterday, it’s lovely. Having a lovely time. I want to talk to you this week a little bit more about brand and I wanted to get in touch on a couple of things that I’m […]

Welcome back, Rankers! Listen, we’ve been doing this show for 13 years so if you haven’t subscribed, maybe now is the time, and if you get any value out of this at all, please share it with your friends. And wherever you want to share it. That’d be awesome. Thank you. 4,800% Revenue Increase. Really? […]

Hey, welcome back Rankers. Wow, we had an interesting week last week. We tried something different on a client site. We were looking at conversion rate optimisation for this one particular retailer. Someone said, “You know what? These two pages here, they’re the highest traffic pages in the site, yet we have to drill down […]

Hey, welcome back, Rankers. You having a good day? Last week I was on Sky News, so for those of you who asked about that and where do you find it, you just go to my YouTube channel and it’s up there. Now, I wanted to talk to you a little bit today about why […]

Hey, welcome back Rankers! Big congratulations to Nikalene Riddle of Skinnymixers, which we talked about last week. She was the number one most improved e-commerce site in the world according to Shopify. So that’s pretty good ’cause she runs her store, on Shopify and the blogs on WordPress. There’s a whole bunch of optimisations that […]

Hey! Welcome back, Rankers. Boy, what a week. We did this speaking gig in Melbourne for The Advisor and hi to everybody I met there. And then yesterday just got back from Queensland where I spoke … Queensland? Queenstown in New Zealand where I spoke for the self-storage association. Hi to everyone there as that […]

Hey. Welcome back, Rankers. You having a good week? I did last week. I was up in Brisbane for The Adviser, which is a finance magazine, speaking up there. Then we spoke in Sydney for them as well, and we’ve got Melbourne this week. So if you’re going to the Adviser Boot Camp Digital Marketing, […]

¬†TRANSCRIPT: Hey, welcome back Rankers! Big news from Google last week. But before I get onto that. If this is your first time here, where have you been? We’ve been doing this for 13 years. So, if you want to get the latest SEO digital marketing tips every week, in your inbox, just subscribe. To […]

As of just a few minutes ago Google started sending out these warnings. This is an update on existing warnings that went live earlier this year. Google has said that it will work to get more site owners taking up HTTPS by increasing it as a ranking signal and through measures like this.¬† I have […]