After a blogger had the audacity to ask the infamous owners of the White Moose Cafe in Dublin for a little quid pro quo in the marketing department, she soon discovered herself on a blanket ban of all bloggers and “influencers”. A textbook example of branding if I ever saw one. What I learned Don’t […]

The latest refresh to Google Search Console (which Jim covered in last week’s video) has been making it’s slow appearance in the form of a new beta version, which has been trickled out to current users. By trickled out, I mean we’ve got hundreds of websites and their different versions (HTTP, HTTPS etc) verified in […]

Google will soon be allowing the general public access to the new Search Console. We’ve been fortunate enough to have had access to it for several months now, giving us time to explore it in-depth. Here’s what I think is the best new feature amongst many improvements. What I learned • The new GSC offers […]

According to Google, 2018 will be a huge year for structured data. To celebrate the occasion they have released a new testing tool for rich snippets to test your page eligibility. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to work… What I learned • 2018 will be a big year for structured data • Structured data benefits Google […]

With net neutrality laws being repealed last week in the U.S., there has been heated debate over the implications for all Internet users. Personally I don’t think it will hinder the average user’s freedoms and experience due to the fluid nature of the net. What I learned What is net neutrality? Net neutrality is a […]

What I learned Confusion surrounds the importance of duplicate content Cleaning up your index can boost rankings Don’t allow internal pages to compete with one another Even strong brands should pay attention to the basics Build your business and the backlinks will come SEO Resources Google Search Console – check that your sitemaps don’t include […]

I’ve read a couple of recent posts that claim brands rank well because they have “bigger” SEO teams or attract lots of backlinks. Of course there is zero data accompanying these claims. I hosted an SEO shindig in Melbourne on Monday night for a sizeable group of fellow SEO and digital marketing associates. I once […]

After listening to Gary Illyes presentation at Pubcon on Google’s Mobile First Index rollout, I thought it raised some serious issues for major brand sites not only in Australia, but globally. It would seriously alter Australia’s ranking hierarchy and affect Google in the process. What I learned Mobile First is being tested, but the release […]

Since my return from Pubcon, I’ve recently appeared on Sky News Switzer where I was spreading my theory on building your brand and forgetting about Google. The subject has quickly gained traction and is now a cause for heated debate across the industry with everyone chipping in their two cents worth. What I learned SEMrush […]

I’ve just returned from Pubcon in Las Vegas where I had the opportunity to not only present on brand and content marketing, but listen to Google’s presentations on disavows, structured data, Mobile First and Accelerated Mobile Pages. What I learned • A lot of confusion still surrounds disavows • Structured data has pros and cons […]