Welcome back Rankers! Coming to you from a bar in Dubai somewhere. I’m on my way home, so wasn’t sure where I’d be doing the show from this week. I had a spare few hours here, so I thought I’d do the show. It’s a balmy 42°C here, heading into 12°C in Melbourne which I’m […]

Hey Rankers, Coming to you from Barcelona this week. I wanted to delve into the relationship between Brand and SEO. A Strong Brand will help you rank I’ve been toying with this theory for a while. Sometimes we see sites ranking high that have terrible SEO but they have a strong brand. It didn’t hit […]

Welcome back Rankers! Coming to you from St Petersburg in Russia, and I’ve been at this awesome conference with forty different SEO and PPC experts from around the world. We’ve been talking about the SEMrush product. SEMrush put this conference together where they’re trying to improve their software and help SEOs understand it more. Some […]

Welcome back Rankers! Coming to you today from Dubai. On my way to the SEMrush White Nights Conference next week in St. Petersburg. I hope to bring you a lot of interesting stuff about that. If you haven’t read the SEMrush ranking factor study that came out around ten days ago, just Google it and […]

Welcome back Rankers! How are you going? Next week I’ll be doing the show from Dubai. I hope! I’ll be in Dubai, so hopefully I can get the show out. I’m only there for a couple of days as after that we’re going to Russia, St Petersburg, for the SEMrush White Nights conference. I’m pretty […]

Welcome back Rankers! Did you have a good weekend? We had a long weekend here; hence, the show is out one day earlier. It was our Queen’s birthday. Anyway, enough about that. I wanted to talk to you today a bit more about speed because I have been wading through so much DNS, you wouldn’t […]

Welcome back Rankers! Matt, this shirt is for you mate. Told you I’d wear it. Google made an announcement last week that was pretty interesting. They have come out and said, “You know what? We’re going to do something about all the ads on the web.” Which is interesting, seeing as they’re responsible for most […]

Welcome back Rankers! I just got back from Retail Global and damn it was awesome this year! Seriously. If you missed out, you missed out big. So, for those who were asking if it was worth going, yes it certainly was this year. I think the main reason was that it was bigger, there were […]

Welcome back Rankers! This week I’m off to the Gold Coast to Retail Global. If you are coming, please come and check out our booth where we will give you a free audit on your site and tell you what’s wrong with it. We’re also doing AdWords audits and SEO audits this year so come […]

Welcome back Rankers! Back from Adelaide. Thanks to everyone in Adelaide for last week as I learnt a lot of stuff, met some awesome people, got some new mates, so it was really good. Admittedly, I had a bit of a disaster with my slide deck, but that’s another story. Know Your Host I want […]