Still fighting the good fight against .AU this week with an appearance on ABC TV news and a big helping hand from my friends at Retail Global. Also launched my comeback on the podcast scene with my new “Brand Builders” show that explores how people have built their brands. What I learned How brand can […]

Screaming Frog has been my first choice SEO tool for a while now. It has the power to uncover almost all potential issues with your site for improved analysis. It is important to improve website health by finding problems and fixing them before optimising other areas of your site. Let’s see how Screaming Frog helps […]

My concerted effort to reveal the .au domain proposal for the sham that it is has begun to spread to all corners with the issue being raised in Federal Parliament last week. It will also be featured on ABC TV tonight, which has sparked outrage from the trolls who accuse me of using the issue […]

If you have not used SEMrush, then you should get on to it! It really is a great tool to help you in your digital campaign, but you have to use it correctly. Many times I see clients get stuck in the loop of using SEMrush to just find out more on their competitors. “What […]

Just because you keep saying multi-stakeholder doesn’t mean it is. Senator, I refer to the attached correspondence from your office received from one of our viewers. auDA – Policy Review I quote “In September 2107, auDA established a multi-stakeholder advisory panel” . The very first order of business for this panel was to become “multi-stakeholder” by […]

At least a few times a year there’s a heated debate that starts a little like this: “We’re ranked #1 for our brand, why would we spend money on Google for it if we’re already there?” Sure, that makes sense on the surface. Right? Unfortunately, it’s not so simple – there’s a little more to […]

With our battle against .au still raging, this week has given me time to once again raise the serious issue of changing domains. Regardless of whether .au ever comes to fruition (hopefully not!) you should be aware of the dangers posed by changing domains. What I learned • Be aware of the pitfalls presented by […]

What is OPR I hear you ask and why are you in danger if you do not know your score? Here are some questions for you. How much money, time and resources are you spending on your SEO (organic) strategy versus your Google AdWords (Paid) campaign? What is your return? Where and how do you […]

Does my business need SEO? If I’m paying an agency each month, what am I getting in return? Is social media that important? Should my website be performing better? Who do I trust? If these questions are circling your mind prior to hiring a digital marketing agency, don’t worry, you’re not alone….Thousands of businesses are […]

This is a follow up on the direct AU registration rort, that will affect every business in the country. I went to their public forum last week and I was stunned at the treatment I received because I asked questions. In addition to the verbal abuse and ridicule the presenter thought it was also funny […]