Heading off to Big Digital Adelaide this week where I’ll be presenting on brand and SEO plus the auDA direct registrations proposal and what it means for your business. I thought it an opportune time to collate some of the data from our auDA campaign as a comparison against previous results. What I learned • […]

In preparation for my appearance at Big Digital Adelaide from the 18th April, I’ve been putting together some information for attendees concerned about the implications of a possible .AU domain introduction and how site owners can mitigate the impact and what you should look out for. What I learned • What are the risks and […]

It’s a well-known fact that Google regularly updates their ranking algorithm, which can quickly alter how well your site’s content is performing in the search results. As such, it is important that you regularly take the time to carry out an SEO audit. However, to conduct a full audit can be time consuming (and requires […]

We’ve been wrestling with a Magento indexing issue for a particular client of late. Solving it has been a major headache, but we think we’ve found the solution with the help of the new Google Search Console. What I learned • The new Google Search Console is a great tool for discovering index issues • […]

For people who work in SEO everyday it’s easy to forget what a complex and confusing topic it can be, especially for business owners with little previous experience in the world of search engine optimisation. When it comes to choosing an SEO agency, you need to consider that no business is identical and every business […]

I stated my intention to measure the results of my .AU campaign early in the piece. Well some interesting results have started to come in, results that enforce my belief that brand is a powerful marketing motivator. What I learned • Use the tools at your disposal to measure marketing efforts • Name and brand […]

With the slow release of a Mobile First Google gaining momentum by the week, I thought I’d help clear up a major point of confusion that I’ve seen floating around. There will not be two separate indexes, only the one, but there are other issues you can clear up for a smoother transition. What I […]

Still fighting the good fight against .AU this week with an appearance on ABC TV news and a big helping hand from my friends at Retail Global. Also launched my comeback on the podcast scene with my new “Brand Builders” show that explores how people have built their brands. What I learned How brand can […]

Screaming Frog has been my first choice SEO tool for a while now. It has the power to uncover almost all potential issues with your site for improved analysis. It is important to improve website health by finding problems and fixing them before optimising other areas of your site. Let’s see how Screaming Frog helps […]

My concerted effort to reveal the .au domain proposal for the sham that it is has begun to spread to all corners with the issue being raised in Federal Parliament last week. It will also be featured on ABC TV tonight, which has sparked outrage from the trolls who accuse me of using the issue […]