By Jim Stewart
Simply put, search engine optimisation, or SEO, helps make your website pages visible and relevant to search engines and users. Content drives search engine rankings—it’s what gets users to your site. And the same content, when populated with appropriate keyword phrases, will become search engine friendly. Read how we approach to doing SEO here.

Sure, it can get technical. As a business owner though all you need to focus on is what is it your customers want and then create content around that. Don’t worry we’ll help you with your editorial calendar. The technical side of SEO is all about getting your site configured in a way that the search engines can clearly understand. No tricks, just good, solid, best practice website configuration.

Why Use Us ?

We thrive on getting our customers to no.1. Our entire focus is about getting your phrases on the first page of Google as quickly as we can. Our team is so focused on this that it even part of our KPIs. We work with the Agile methodology and we reset client goals every thirty days so there is no confusion about what we are working towards.  As we do Adwords and Facebook campaigns as well the client goals may not just be SEO focused. Quite often our clients want revenue or traffic goals and not just ranking.

SEO before and after
SEO before and after

We’ve been ranking sites since 2003, a lot has changed in that time but one thing hasn’t; provide great relevant content. We have our own writers to help you if you don’t have the time or inclination to write yourself. Getting backlinks is important but that is secondary to having a well performing website that users love.

SEO Services

There’s no point in having a website if no one can find it. Our SEO methodology is safe for your brand and your ranking. Stew Art Media provides the following specific services to ensure you rank high in the keywords you choose.

  • Keyword Analysis
    Our SEO specialists will perform a detailed research and analysis of your website and present you our suggested relevant set of keywords.
  • Index audit
    Most sites we see today are configurred badly and the result is Google ends up crawling things you don’t want it to which in turn can hurt your rankings. Our index audit identifies problems with the crawl rthat will be holding the site back.
  • Speed Optimisation
    Users love fast sites and anything users love, Google loves. We made one site 50% faster and it increased traffic by 80%!
Fast sites rank higher
Fast sites rank higher
  • Page Optimisation
    From content, title tag, meta-tag description, to keyword density and H tags, it is our concern to make sure everything is relevant.
  • Copywriting
    Our writers, all SEO specialists, will create keyword rich content for your website—to not only improve your ranking and traffic—but as well keep your readers engaged. This should translate to sales and of course, good bottom line results for you.
  • Link Building
    We don’t do it! It’s that simple and here’s why

Our loud mouth leader has had a weekly video explaining the ins and outs of SEO since 2006! He’s a regular on SkyNews & Smartcompany. Here’s an example.

Get in touch today and we can begin planning how, together, we’ll take your business to the next level