There’s potentially lots of buried treasure underground, you just need to know where to dig, right? Well the same can be said for your website. There are most likely lots of revenue that you are leaving untapped every month; you just need to know where to find it. And that’s where data comes in. What […]

Raising revenue once more this week, specifically with an eye on fitting a revenue strategy into the everyday running of your website. Some businesses suffer from “too many cooks,” an issue that needs to be addressed as it may be hurting your revenue potential. What I learned Is your site carrying too much baggage? A […]

Continuing to explore important metrics for retailers this week with a view to accurately calculating your return on investment. You need to know how to deduct fees, ad spend and other elements to fully understand your revenue stream. There are great products out there for retailers; you just need to know how those ads affect […]

By far the most widely used user data collection tool available, Google Analytics is widely supported, powerful, and practically a standard implementation on the majority of websites. With native integration for Google’s advertising platforms and a powerful API that allows it to be linked up with many other platforms, if you don’t already have GA […]

Welcome to 2019 everyone! We kick off the new year with a greater emphasis on revenue over rankings. There are several metrics we use to improve revenue, but one of the most important is still speed. It’s a greatly underestimated metric that affects so many elements of your site. What I learned 2019 should be […]

This is the final show for the year and what a year it has been. Our learnings and expertise has helped shift our focus away from SEO and towards a revenue model for retail clients. Our ad spend returns with the new model have been crazy, and we’re looking for a few new clients in […]

Google Ads A.I. products have been steadily rolling out these past few months and the results are impressive, with conversion rates often returning around a five-fold increase. But there’s a catch. What I learned Google A.I. advertising will assist our revenue targets Conversion rates have defied expectations The catch is that the site needs good […]

We’ve finally completed the move to our swanky new office but the transition doesn’t end with moving furniture and computers. It’s very important if you undertake a business move that you ensure all previous listings of your address are updated and understand that Google may have different addresses across several databases. What I learned Change […]

A lifetime ago, long before I embarked on a career in the Internet era, I used to sell newspaper advertising. While continuing with my office clean out I discovered an old ad that I wrote, which incidentally won an award. Breaking down the ad today reminds me that the basics of advertising haven’t changed, only […]

An article was brought to my attention this week concerning the author’s opinion on where you should be spending your marketing dollars. I thought many of his viewpoints were a little off target and ignored many of the brand building principals we successfully employ. What I learned There’s more to marketing than Facebook and Instagram […]