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by Jim November 13, 2023

Welcome back! This week we examine the significant advancements in AI from OpenAI’s Developers Day, highlighting their impact on business and technology. It focuses on OpenAI’s enhanced affordability and capabilities, especially in the ChatGPT platform, and we introduce our innovative AI GPT tools like the Buyer Persona Generator and Competitive Insight Generator. We also explore the potential for AI in areas like email management and eCommerce, envisioning a future where AI is deeply integrated into business operations.

What I Learned

  • OpenAI has become more accessible and powerful, opening new possibilities for creating custom AI tools.
  • New tools such as the Buyer Persona Generator and Competitive Insight Generator highlight the potential of AI in business processes.
  • AI can encapsulate personal knowledge and expertise, transforming how this information is accessed and utilised.
  • AI tool creators may participate in a revenue-sharing model with OpenAI, akin to app developers in the App Store.
  • The expanding role of AI in areas like email management and eCommerce signifies a major shift in business operations.


Exciting Developments in AI: A Game-Changer for Business Owners

Hey, welcome back, Rankers! How are you doing? This week has been monumental in the world of AI, with OpenAI’s Developers Day marking a pivotal change. There’s been a plethora of videos and write-ups about the event, but let’s focus on what’s crucial for business owners.

OpenAI: Cheaper, More Powerful, and More Capable

The big news is that OpenAI has become more affordable, powerful, and capable than ever before. This marks a new era in AI development, especially with the enhancement of the ChatGPT platform. The ability for anyone to create their mini version of an AI agent or assistant using ChatGPT is a significant leap forward.

I discussed last week how AI agents are integrating into teams, and this development confirms that trajectory. Let me share a couple of tools we’ve created ourselves:

  1. Buyer Persona Generator: A tool we’ve been refining throughout the year. It’s fascinating to see it now autonomously visiting sites like Wikipedia, a feature I hadn’t explicitly instructed. Simply enter a URL and the Buyer Persona Generator GPT will create a detailed buyer persona for that site. Try it here!
  2. Competitive Insight Generator: Still in the coaching phase, but it’s incredibly effective in gathering competitor information.
  3. AI Content Generator: Currently in testing with a select few clients, this tool exemplifies how AI can streamline tasks like creating product descriptions tailored to specific buyer personas.
  4. JimBot: Available to the public. JimBot will answer your questions on digital marketing based on the content created by Jim Stewart over his 20 years in the industry. Try it here!

These tools, and others, will soon be available to everyone through the GPT store. This accessibility is a game-changer, allowing users to leverage AI for various purposes.

Embracing the AI Revolution: Sharing Knowledge and Innovations

I’ve been actively sharing great content on this topic on my Twitter feed. For instance, the ‘Sam Strategist’ is a novel creation by my colleague Nick, which demonstrates the potential of AI in assimilating vast amounts of content, like books or transcripts, for practical use. Imagine, instead of someone asking to “pick your brain,” they could interact with an AI that encapsulates your knowledge and experience. That’s the power of AI we are tapping into.

The development and accessibility of these AI tools signify a major shift in how knowledge and services can be offered and monetized. Similar to app developers in the App Store, creators of AI tools and agents will likely participate in a revenue-sharing model with OpenAI, although details are still emerging.

The Future of AI: Transforming Business and Communication

The possibilities of AI extend beyond just tools. Consider the impact on everyday tasks like email management. With AI assistants tailored to individual styles and rules, the way we handle emails could be revolutionised. And it doesn’t stop there. The way AI might influence website interactions and eCommerce is another area ripe for innovation.

This wave of AI development reminds me of the early days of smartphones. Just as simple apps like a flashlight became indispensable, the tools being developed now could become integral parts of our digital platforms and services.

The AI Transformation is Here

While these AI tools aren’t publicly available yet, their potential is immense. Think about the unique knowledge base you have and how AI could amplify it. If you’re intrigued by these developments and want to explore how our tools can benefit your website, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Thanks for tuning in. Please like, share, and subscribe, and I look forward to seeing you in the next update. Bye for now!

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