Migrating Domains This week, our friends at auDA decided to launch a couple of .au domains. This makes the .au space very unstable. So, whether you’ve been contemplating migrating to a new domain, or are simply on the lookout for a new domain, I thought I’d give you a run-down on what the long-term domain […]

Back from another awesome experience at Retail Global on the Gold Coast. Still my favourite eCommerce conference. Aside from the great networking opportunities, I had the honour of doing live site reviews alongside some industry leaders. Learning cool tips and secrets from fellow attendees is always worth the trip. What I learned • Pay attention […]

Google has been talking about mobile-first index for approximately a year and a half now. On 22nd March Google finally announced that they are gradually rolling out the mobile-first index. What does this mean for the average business owner and how will it affect traffic? What changes do you need to make to your website […]

Back from an enjoyable couple of sessions at the Digitalks events in Sydney and Melbourne where I was talking about brand. Fielded a lot of questions about brand citations and brand mentions so thought I’d explain more here. What I learned The Google definition of a “brand citation” Get people talking about and searching your […]

Fresh from a great Digitalks presentation in Sydney (also coming to Melbourne this Friday) where I demonstrated how brand influences search rankings via a variety of factors that you can control. What I learned Are “Ranking Factors” a thing? How to locate the source of your direct traffic Use a ranking path to achieve your […]

Gearing up for Digitalks events in Sydney this Friday and Melbourne the following where I’ll be talking about how to build a stronger brand and with it greater rankings. What I learned Which metric should you focus on to build your brand? How to monitor your branded traffic using GSC Boost your branded search for […]

I’ve been analysing data from our recent victory against auDA in the fight against shutting down stewartmedia.com.au. The spikes in traffic and rankings on relevant media coverage days enforce my teachings that Google is obligated to show the most relevant results first. What I learned • Our positive outcome from the Registrants Review Panel shows […]

The world today is ripe with competition; defining all that we are. No struggle for ‘perfection’ compares to that which we all crave…That number one spot in Google’s search results. When we attempt to rank for a certain keyword or phrase, we measure ourselves against our competitors. Already ‘well-ranking’ sites provide insight into what to […]

Thanks to everyone who knew what was going on behind the scenes for your support. Especially all the in confidence advice. You know who you are. This has been a very challenging and costly few weeks. I attended the public forums held by auDA on the 14th of Feb in Melbourne. After that I began […]

Back from Big Digital Adelaide where I was spreading the word on the relationship between brand and SEO. Our campaign results against auDA have only strengthened my belief that this is the future direction for SEO. What I learned • Our auDA campaign has doubled our traffic • Brand and SEO share a symbiotic relationship […]