Still enjoying an Irish summer this week before my return to Melbourne for next week’s show. I wanted to talk a little more about AI and machine learning in relation to Google Ads and why it’s only a matter of time before volume traffic campaigns will be fully automated. What I learned Google AdWords is […]

Traditionally, structured data mark-up has been a standard tool for every webmaster when it comes to increasing visibility to search engines. Structured data mark-up is a specific piece of code which “talks” to the search engine, providing valuable data in a format that is easily understood. Using structured data helps to ensure that your content […]

I’ve died and gone to single malt Heaven this week over here in Scotland. I’m offering the chance to grab an advance copy of my new book which is hopefully out later this year. In it I show how a strong brand can negate many of the problems that Google finds in a site and […]

Creating a strong Facebook/Instagram ad campaign (I am including Instagram as these metrics apply to both) relies on regularly reviewing your ad performance and making changes based on the data. There are so many different ways of measuring data that it can be confusing to know where to start, especially when it’s your business’s money […]

I’ve been in Helsinki this week attending the SEMrush Summer Jam. It’s a great opportunity to meet fellow SEOs from around the world, share ideas, and offer feedback on the SEMrush product. What I learned Why SEMrush’s event is great for product development Why SEMrush is an unmissable event What Google thinks is the future […]

I’ve been interacting with more and more SEOs lately, swapping viewpoints and ideas, and it’s evident that there are still many people in the industry that consider backlinks to be an integral part of digital marketing. What I learned Question why you want to get a backlink Backlinks are counterintuitive to your business The three […]

Creating your own website is no easy task. It has to read well and work even better. You need to create something that represents who you are as a brand or a person – making this a big deal. Before you start creating your website or even the wireframe, there is one fundamental fact that […]

It’s been a long time coming, but the Google mobile search ranking update should be rolled out over the next fortnight. This means you have two weeks to get your mobile house in order or suffer the consequences of poor User Experience. What I learned The update is purely for mobile platforms Ensure your mobile […]

Was fortunate enough to have spent three days last week on a Google business-coaching program organised specifically for Google Business Partners at their HQ in Sydney. Met some fantastic people and gained some incredible insights into the future development of brand. What I learned You should be getting at least 10-1 returns on ad-spend Some […]

Welcome back! Or, if you only just finished the first part of this blog post, welcome to Part 2! In the previous article The Best SEO Tool – Screaming Frog – Part 1, I promised that I would help you find some of the biggest potential issues on your website and demonstrate how to do […]