Retailers, get ready for Isolation Sales Surge

by Jim April 7, 2020

Second video for the week as there’s so much happening in our current fast-changing market. I was a bit worried about where everything was headed last week, but now I’ve identified new trends and my excitement is building. Markets are changing and it’s important to see where you fit into that. Our clients will be finding out my new discoveries first, but I’ll be releasing more details publicly in upcoming videos.

What I learned

  • How to turn doom and gloom to boom!
  • Retail is changing fast – and it’s exciting.
  • My upcoming press release will explain more.
  • Identify markets where you can capitalise.


Hey, welcome back, everyone. What’s this, a video on a Friday? I know it occasionally happens. I used to do these daily once upon a time.

I’m going to be doing a lot more videos now, because what I’ve been seeing with retail over the last week is blowing my mind right now. And I’m not going to be sharing a lot this week about what I’m saying, because I have to get it rolled out to our clients first, which I’m sure you understand. And so we’re going to get our clients prepped, get our clients ready.

Opportunity knocks

But it’s really exciting. It’s not as doomy and gloomy as what I thought it was 10 days ago, because the thoughts that we had about things going online is real, but not the way we thought. And they’re the sorts of things I’m going to be sharing, and I’m sorry to be so cryptic, but this is really powerful stuff.

Now, if you want to become a client this week or next week, no problem. We can tell. We can talk. I will say, if you are hitting me up for a free review, those of you who’ve already done that will know that what this thing is that I’m talking about that you should be doing. And I’ll be bringing you more about that next week. We’ll be doing a press release about it, because it really is important.

A lot of businesses need to understand about how the world’s changed. I said to some mates yesterday, “Mate, it’s not yesterday anymore.” I said, “I know you know that, but we can’t act like it was yesterday either.” And a lot of our institutions are still trying to do that, and a lot of our politicians tend to be trying to do that as well, anyway.

But it’s tomorrow now, so it’s time to act like things are different. And the things that we’re finding are quite incredible. There’s new things every day, things I didn’t expect. I’ve already shown you some of them, with the things like unexpected things, like 3D printing, but there’s a whole bunch of others that are very, very fundamental. And when I tell you about it next week you’ll go, “Oh, yeah! What about that? Yeah!” It’s one of those.

What could be your new markets?

So, stay tuned. Hit me up for the review. Happy to tell you offline, but I’m not ready to publish this until I’ve got it rolled out to our clients. Hopefully that’s not too cryptic, but basically it just gets down to pay attention to what’s happening with your customers, or people who used to be your customers, or people who maybe should be your customers.

Mate, pay attention and have a think about what you’re doing at home now. What is different in your home environment? What is different in your world, and what things are you using? A lot of people think hoarding is going on. I think maybe some hoarding is going on, but I also think there’s a lot of more stuff getting used in the home now that wasn’t before, right? Even our toilet brush. Right?

So, have a think about those things. We’ll bring you more next week. There’s a lot to take in, and if you are a retailer, you’ve got a lot of work to do on your site, and we’re going to start explaining to you the sorts of things you need to hit.

The next video I’m doing … I’ll be doing two today, … is one on how to set up the home studio. So, new backdrop. Probably a bit bright, don’t know, probably put something or do a better logo up here, I think that bleeds out a little bit too much. Anyway, let me know what you think. Hopefully that’s helpful and we will speak soon.

Thanks very much. Hit me up on Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and please share, subscribe, like, tell your friends. See you next time. Bye.

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