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by Jim February 2, 2011

Does this site make my bum look big? I hope not because a lot of work has gone into it. We finally upgraded to a WordPress site! I built our old site 6 years ago.Originally I built it on a CMS called Mambo which morphed/forked into Joomla and it went through about 20 upgrades as a Joomla site to the point where it was mainly held together by gaffer tape & bits of string.

We had a multitude of URLs with ranking content all of which @krigsi our dev had to redirect to their new addresses. The result; ranking on page one for SEO without actually trying to AND improving and maintaining our current rankings. In addition to this our updates here are now getting indexed and ranked in seconds as opposed to days on our old site. I’ve still yet to reorganise some of the old content but that is something that we’ll do gradually. This change has been done with one eye on Google Webmaster tools and the other on the Google index.We’re pretty happy with the results.

Why WordPress?

The main reason for the move to WordPress was because of the clear messages it sends to the Googlebot about content structure and keywords. Some of the SEO plugins we have used are All In One SEO & Smartlinks.

Yellow Pages

My post last week on Yellow Pages generated some interest, some of it quite passionate. In this week’s vlog I explain why I dont mind being insulted in public and why I WON’T stop getting the Yellow Pages delivered.

Algorithm change

Google announced another algorithm change last week to reduce the amount of duplicate content in the index. Google has always ranked the content it thinks was the original above those that are copies but with the introduction of Google Caffeine last year we’ve seen a lot more content indexed by Google. This means a lot more potential for duplicates. Today I have a look at how the change is working.. or not.

Youtube blocked in the office? Here’s some alternatives. Metacafe, DailyMotion

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