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by Jim February 9, 2011

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Our shiny new site has been live for a few weeks now and I thought you might be interested in the sorts of things I’m watching and checking. If you’ve ever moved from an old site to a new one and seen your rankings disappear this will be of particular interest to you. Even if you’ve just done some housekeeping and changed your navigation you may have found that it adversely affected your rankings.

Webmaster tools

A lot of people use Google Analytics which is a tremendous tool for seeing how users interact with your site and for marketing purposes. It allows you to set up sales funnels, track users through your site and a bunch of other cool stuff that gets the number gnomes hot and sweaty but it won’t explain to you why Google hates you. Webmaster tools will.

Are you a Google loser?

You’ve tried everything but you still cant get ranked or you were ranking but now things have gone awry? Get onto webmaster tools and check some of the things that I show you in today’s video. Your site maybe a big ball of noise to Google and you don’t even know. That’s what webmaster tools is for. It’s to help Google find your content and alert you when it finds a problem.

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