ProBloggers Conference 2016

January 27, 2016

Australia’s longest running and largest blogging event will be hitting the Gold Coast once more in 2016. The ProBlogger Training Event will be held on the 9th & 10th September with the sole purpose of helping you build better and more profitable blogs. Attendees will have access to speakers, training presentations, and networking opportunities that will empower you with strategies and practical skills to improve your blogs, no matter your skill level. There will be panels, Q&A sessions and case studies covering a diverse range of blog genres and niches.

Tickets to the 2015 ProBlogger Event sold out in a matter of hours, highlighting the popularity and importance of this ‘go to’ event in the eyes of the blogging community. The 2016 ProBlogger Event will teach you how to grow your blog readership base via social media, how to harness the power of email marketing, turn your ideas into reality and monetise your blog by creating services, products and events.

Jim Stewart will be in attendance with his new bloggersSEO training system, which allows bloggers to implement a step-by-step guide, under expert guidance, to fine tune the SEO on your site in less than 30 days, allowing you to reap the rewards of increased traffic to your blog.

Our attendance at ProBlogger Events has shown us the demand for a simple to follow guide that assists bloggers in getting their WordPress sites seen by Google by mastering your site’s SEO and leapfrogging your competition. The bloggersSEO system is affordable and highly effective, and comes complete with a dedicated Facebook support group where you can share ideas and concerns with likeminded bloggers. Our SEO techniques and strategies have already produced huge traffic increases for our early members and can help you master your site’s SEO too. If you’d like to know more about the bloggersSEO system, click here.