Increasing mobile revenue 600%

by Jim February 20, 2019

Focussing on increasing revenue is not only highly beneficial to your bottom line, but it can be fun finding and tweaking potential faults in your site. A current eCommerce client had great mobile traffic but a poor conversion rate. A simple UX fix resulted in a mobile and organic rise in revenue of 600%!

What I learned

  • Revenue hunting is fun!
  • The smaller changes often make the biggest difference
  • If your conversion rate is poor, ask why
  • Brand has a multiplying effect on revenue
  • Ensure your data sample is correct


Hey, welcome back Rankers. Absolutely glorious weather here at the moment. And the birds, you can hear in the background are real. They’re not sound effects. They’re lorikeets eating the remains of my apples. Anyway, that’s another story.

From small changes, big revenue grows
I want to talk to you today a little bit about the revenue model again because I really enjoy it. It’s a lot of fun. We’re seeing some great results. It’s all about looking at the smaller things, as I’ve said before. But this is one that the client had about 48% mobile traffic to the site, 38% desktop and the remainder a tablet and stuff that Google can’t look at. So the largest audience that we have there is mobile. So it makes sense to really optimise that. And the client had a responsive site, doing all those sorts of things.

But we found that the eCommerce conversion rates across the board weren’t that great. Now you’re talking about basket sizes of around $300, $400 and for that sort of size, when we see conversion rates of sub 1% we’re going yeah, there’s something wrong there. And usually it’s user experience, as it is in this case. And this is an ongoing project. There’s so much more to do.

And the things that you can find are quite extraordinary. So what you’re looking at here is we’ve made changes last week and we’ve got about four days of data worth in now. I think it’s a Thursday through to a Sunday. And then we’re comparing the previous Thursday through to Sunday to get an idea of that, keep that balance of the weekly rhythm or transactions.

And what we’re seeing here is just for organic traffic, we’re seeing a 31% or 32% increase in the eCommerce conversion rate, which is sensational, which has added up to about 9% extra revenue. Go okay, well that’s not making a loss so that’s good. So then you dive in deeper to work out, well, tell us a little bit more about that data. Well, site wide the effect was, so I’ve only looked at one channel there of organic. But site wide I wanted to have a good idea of device as well. And we can see here that the mobile revenue is up across the board by 26%. So that’s even better. You go oh, okay. Well, what’s going on there?

A 600% revenue increase
So then I went back to organic and we had another look in organic and we went oh, well what’s mobile doing on organic? And mobile and organic is up 600% in revenue. Let me say that again. Mobile and organic is up 600% in revenue. And this is not a small sample size. This is not necessarily a statistical anomaly or anything like this. This a consistent uptick across mobile in all channels that we’ve looked at. And obviously I’m going to show you the best one, which is organic, which is fantastic.

So the client’s 175% increase in transactions and nearly 200% increase in the conversion rate, adding up to a 600% increase in revenue. Now if this stays on track, that could mean an extra half million dollars in revenue for this client on mobile. Yes. That’s what I said. It could mean half a million dollars extra revenue on mobile, which is without increasing traffic. No more traffic. Just the same amount of traffic as what we had last year. And we get an extra half a million dollars.

So when you are looking at your eCommerce stores, these are the things that you have to delve in and have a look. If you’re just starting out and you can’t afford anyone or anything like that then go in, build your brand like you have to. You’ve got to build your brand. Because all of these things, brand has a multiplying effect on. So the stronger your brand, the stronger your results you’re going to get from these sorts of actions.

But go in and have a look at and examine analytics. Make sure your data is not corrupt. Make sure you’re getting the right data because if you’re not getting the right data, then you’re flying blind. Don’t just rely on your CMS transactions and all those sorts of things.

But that was exciting and I just wanted to share that with you. The thing that we did to make that happen is that we noticed a certain class of mobile user wasn’t having a great experience. We fixed that. Ta da. Anyway, hopefully that’s helpful. See you next week.

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