Are you leaving money on the table?

by Jim February 13, 2019

Many elements need to co-exist to create a revenue generating eCommerce website, but many site owners overlook some of those elements and end up leaving money on the table. You need to identify your weak spots and prop them up to fulfill your revenue generating potential.

What I learned

  • Use technical SEO to improve sales
  • Google AI ads will be easier to manage
  • All efforts should be geared to the UX
  • Are your channels converting as well as they should?
  • Monitor performance at all times for optimum efficiency


Hey, welcome back, Rankers. Want to talk to you a little bit today about the way we focus on revenue. Essentially, all the things that you`ve learned and the things that we`ve been saying over the years, we still do. The difference is that now, is that all your technical SEO and everything else, it`s used to increase sales basically. That`s done in a number of ways, in that it brings in more traffic, you have good structure on the site, so you`re able to get better Google AI ad stuff happening as well. Plus, the UX stuff that you would do for technical SEO is really helping the user anyway. And for us, technical SEO by and large is pretty much for the user experience.

Identify opportunity
So every day we`re looking at the new clients` revenue. What we`re looking for is A, we`ve got a goal to hit at the end of the month. And you can see here, last month this one was looking pretty good. Then we realised we hadn`t factored in GST. Ow! Anyway, but this month, we`re very hopeful. We should get this one.

And the way that we do it isn`t necessarily by brute force, by throwing more traffic at the site with ads. ThatÕs some of it, `cause some people aren`t doing ads very well, right? Some people aren`t getting the 1500%, 1000% return on their ad spend, and it`s not working that well for them. So sometimes there`ll be more money spent on ads.

But quite often what we`re doing … well, most of the time what we`re doing is we`re just going in and we`re having a look at different areas. And one of the things that we identified with this client, was there was a lot of mobile traffic, 60% mobile traffic, something like that. Some of the channels weren`t converting as well. Like organic wasn`t converting as well for mobile. So we went through and made some changes. You can see there over the last week, so this is just a week`s look, since we`ve done the … Well, not quite a week actually. In fact, it`s a lot less than a week. What is it? How many days? Three days. So it`s three days, not quite a week. I said it wasn`t a week.

And 66% increase in revenue. Now this is week on week that we`re looking. So we`re taking out, you know, so we`re not just doing, say, the last three days versus the previous three days. It`s the last three days since the change versus the same three days in the week before. So we got a 66% increase in revenue for mobile. So that`s looking good. That`s looking on track.

Then if we have a look here, we can see a couple of standouts. Like some Samsung phones here, the S8 and the S9. You can see we`ve had a massive increase in conversion rates here and transactions. I`m not really sure why that is. I haven`t got a Samsung phone. But you look at that sort of stuff and you go, `What else is in there? Maybe we should be looking for browsers as well.`

Strive to beat your best
So a lot of the time, you will get sites that for all intents and purposes, the owner of the site thinks it`s working fine. But when you get in and have a look at some of these things, you quickly find out where the holes are. I mean, like this one here. The developer put the client on a MaxCDN, which should make the site faster. But it didn`t. Now, we don`t know why. We don`t know how it was set up. It was probably set up wrongly. But for whatever reason, you`ve got to go in and you got to find these things.

You can see here, as soon as your site is fixed and it speeds up, it stops doing these five and six-second load times for the bot, you can see then the bot is really going to come in and have a look and see what`s going on. `Cause there`s more resources available to it.

So it`s all of these things together. It`s going through with a fine-tooth comb and examining why some traffic channels don`t give the same sorts of e-commerce conversion rates and those sorts of things as others. Then it`s always about beating your best. So it`s going through it with a fine-tooth comb, looking at it step by step, data by data, and just find … As I said last week, it`s like finding those little nuggets inside the data rubble.

Hopefully that`s helpful, and we`ll see you next week. Thanks very much, everyone. Bye.

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