My 4 step system for getting backlinks

by Jim January 15, 2014

This is my 9th year of creating SEO Videos in Melbourne. Back in 2005 having great SEO on your site and getting backlinks from a bunch of directories was enough. What changed in about 2007 – 2009 was that the backlinks had to have some quality about them. Sure you could get thousands of crappy backlinks from low quality content and still rank but anyone who saw the Google writing on the wall knew that it was not a long term strategy. As I showed last week getting the greatest backlinks in the world will not get you to number one. Getting great backlinks AND great on site SEO will. If you follow these steps for on site SEO you’ll be ok for most phrases. However if you are in an extremely competitive space you may need to get some backlink love to show Google you are worthy. I’m constantly trying to get business owners to come out from behind their shingles to engage with a bigger audience. It’s not only important for getting backlinks there are some added bonuses that you get along the way.

Step 1 – follow cool people.

How do I define cool? People who are sharing stuff that I’m interested in. It doesn’t have to be about business. I’m doing this because I’m learning about all kinds of things I’m interested in. Typically I do this on Twitter & G+. I don’t do a lot on LinkedIn as I find it as spammy as hell and pretty dry – there, I’ve said it.

Step 2 – read what they share

If you are following step 1 you’l get to read some pretty cool stuff. I start my day with @flipboard on the ipad. It brings in all the people I follow into a nice magazine style feed. It’s amazing some of the stuff out there. If I find something I think people who follow me might find interesting. I share it.

Step 3 – share their Stuff

If you are following step one one chances are you are not getting an endless stream of dross from one website who is just pushing their own stuff all the time. If you find it interesting share it! Whether it be a tweet, blog post or FB share.

Step 4 – share your own stuff and what you learn

Getting active and following others on various networks will give you an idea of the bigger Internet community you belong to and what people like to share. Hopefully you’ll be exposed to new ideas, people and great content. Start to talk about these experiences in your own content. Share what you have learned. The good the bad and the ugly. Chances are this will resonate with people following you. Guess what the byproduct of all this is? People link to your stuff. So not only do you make new mates, learn stuff, have a laugh, get new ideas as a bonus YOU GET BACKLINKS!

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