SEO Lessons From a Life Size Lego Car

by Jim January 8, 2014

You saw the big yellow geek wet dream right? The life size lego car that is powered by air? It was launched in Melbourne on the 18th of December last year and I uploaded a video on the 20th outlining my limited involvement in the project. Since then the video has been seen by 3.8 million people from 192 countries. Needless to say it has been a fascinating experience. I wanted to share with you a few things I have learned as they relate to SEO.

Steve & Raul the brains behind superawesomemicroproject - photo by Josh Rowe
Steve & Raul the brains behind superawesomemicroproject - photo by Josh Rowe

Majestic SEO is pretty accurate.

Who knew?! I’ve been using it for a few years but was always a little wary of it as a backlink checking tool. Turns out it’s excellent. The video of the lego car was not released until the 18th. Majestic SEO clearly shows the immense growth of those backlinks from that date and revealed some that I had missed in the Google analytics referral data.

Graph from Majestic SEO showing backlink growth & subsequent drop off.

I was genuinely surprised how fast Majestic worked .

The best backlinks will not get you to no.1 was the site that originated the “life size lego car” . It got awesome backlinks because of it. Check out the trust & citation flow below. These are metrics that Majestic uses to assess the value of a link. It’s rare you will see a graph like that for a site.

Links for
Links for

The reason this one is so good is because of all the amazing press backlinks we got. However even with all those amazing backlinks we did not get to no.1 for for some pretty relevant keywords.  Watch this week’s video to find out why.


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