SEO Melbourne changes in the SERPS

by Jim October 6, 2013

I wrote an article a week ago about the phrase SEO Melbourne. I was musing at how Google could put one page above another. It’s just an algorithm after all. Well one of the results that was number one for months has disappeared. Not in the top 50. This happened overnight. In the meantime we jumped a few spots and have two entries in the top ten. This will probably change again over the next few days. The pages of ours that are ranking are the home page and also the page I originally wrote for the phrase. Currently the no.1 result for SEO Melbourne is an exact match domain. So anyone that told you EMDs can’t rank is wrong.

Google is being weird

The company that was no.1 for so long only had 5 pages indexed. That’s right 5! Google keeps telling everyone that all that is needed is  to rank is to create great content that people want to share but that site only had 5 frickin pages! I’ve seen this more than once for other searches. Old websites that haven’t been updated in years, sites with only a few pages or pages ranking for competitive phrases that have only a few backlinks and when I say a few I mean 3 or 4. I looked at the backlink profile of the site that was ranking no.1 for SEO Melbourne up until yesterday. They had several hundred with targeted anchor text, that’s why I thought they were ranking. That would be weird though right? Penguin fixed that right? Then I found another site that was in a competitive space ranking no.2 but with very few backlinks. Maybe that one will disappear as well but right now with all the algorithm changes it seems Google, in certain searches is favouring simple small sites. This may have been a reaction to the survey they conducted about 6 weeks ago where they wanted people to comment on small sites that they think should rank.  IMHO I think they went too far and maybe they are turning down the volume on that change, whatever it was.

Fake Comments On Places

The places comments I published last week for a Melbourne SEO Company that was ranking for a related search, has lost 5 of it’s comments. I’m not sure why. One thing that was funny was the frequency of a word that seemed like a spelling mistake. I was reliably informed it is a word commonly used on the sub-continent by English speakers. Anyway for Google to change results for SEO Melbourne which has been pretty stable for several months tells me that something is afoot. I will report back when I know what it is. Love to know what you are seeing.

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