SEO Hysteria & Google Updates

by Jim January 13, 2016

UPDATE: Video transcript available for ‘SEO Hysteria & Google Updates’.

As I’m writing this Google will probably roll out the Penguin update and make me look like a dickhead… again. However, as of yesterday there was no Google Penguin rollout, despite many claiming there was. Just an hour or so after I published my video yesterday, Google confirmed via Twitter that the update everyone was seeing was not Penguin but a core algorithm update. The reason the SEO community got so excited and sweaty was because of the data that came from Algorithm temperature checkers. There is a growing number of these and I think Barry at SEO Roundtable sums up their activity over the weekend the best.

SEO Tools No Substitute For Common Sense

While these tools can be helpful, they are no substitute for looking at the actual SERPs. Yes there were wild fluctuations over the weekend and if you manage a lot of sites like we do you certainly didn’t need a temperature checker to tell you something was going on. We knew it wasn’t Penguin though because there were still plenty of spammy sites ranking well. In this week’s video I show you how I go about checking algorithm change claims.

The SEO Penguin Is Coming

Don’t worry Penguin is still coming and Google has been getting a lot ready for its arrival. My guess is before the end of January.

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