SEO Consultant Melbourne

by Jim July 1, 2013

We were having a discussion today in our team meeting about the phrase “SEO Consultant Melbourne” as one of the friends of one of our team members ranks for it. I said I had my doubts about the difficulty of getting ranked for it as it did not seem like it would generate much traffic and therefore would not attract a lot of rankers. Here are the results as of today. As you can see there are plenty of adwords around the phrase but that can be an indication of broad match phrases as some companies advertise for anything SEO related.

seo consultant Melbourne SERP
seo consultant Melbourne SERP 1/7/2013

Interestingly since May 3 when Google did the location based update the results for “SEO Consultant Melbourne” and “SEO Consultant” don’t vary widely between Australian cities. This can be an indication that no one is optimising for places in these results. For me it’s an interesting study in keyword competition. I’m writing this post to see how many people are seriously competing for this phrase. If it gets to the top 30 within 24 hours I’d say it’s mildly competitive.


UPDATE: This page was indexed within a minute of publishing but is not ranking in the top thirty, so maybe I am wrong here and there are indeed a lot of people working on ranking for it.

UPDATE: Ok 22 & 23 today. It’s been an interesting exercise to watch it bounce around over the last couple of days. So top 30 in 48 hours it’s a little competitive.. but it really shouldn’t be.

SEO Consultant Melbourne SERP Results 3/7/2013
"SEO Consultant Melbourne" SERP 3/7/2013

UPDATE: 7/7/2013. We have dropped off the front page for SEO Consultant Melbourne since we got there last week. We are now on the second page of results. The conclusion I am drawing from this is that we got there mainly because of fresh content. If I did not do any updates from now on I would have to rely on backlinks. To get higher on the page. Interestingly though we have 3 results on page 2. We are ranked 12,13 & 14 for SEO Consultant Melbourne. I find it interesting because of the recent update to Google that was eliminating so called clustering of results on page 2 from a single domain.

Page 2 for SEO Consultant Melbourne on 7/7/2013

UPDATE: 11/07/2013 Here is the summary of our findings a week after achieving a page one spot. It looks as though the phrase is not only competitive but has good traffic. So I was wrong on both counts!

UPDATE: Now that I’ve had about 90 days to assess this I thought I’d post my findings here. We are no.1 for SEO Consultant Melbourne, no.1 for SEO Consultant, (for searches in Melbourne about no.4 nationally) and our SEO Melbourne page has risen to six and the home page to seven for SEO Melbourne. The traffic for SEO Consultant though is no where near what Google webmaster tools predicted. SEO Consultant has about 400 a month and the Melbourne version only 70. So nothing to write home about 🙂

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