Pro Tips for SEO Keyword Research

by Jim September 4, 2013

In this week’s video I take a shot at predicting the outcome of Australia’s Federal Election by looking at what people are typing into Google and what they are watching on YouTube.
Here are my top 4 tips for keyword research that will help you pinpoint what your customers are looking for.

1. Use Google Trends For Seasonal Changes

In the search above, you can clearly see the different search spikes for these two men over the last 90 days. If you have a product or service that is seasonal you will clearly see that in Google trends. If you take a longer view you will also see the decline or increase in popularity of a certain phrase. Take SEO for instance. As more people understand what it is the search volumes grow.

2. Use Trends For Related Terms

If you see a decline over time for a search phrase but you know you are in a growing market, it could be that the searches have become more sophisticated or fragmented. For instance in the search below less people are searching for the keyword hosting over time but we know the need for hosting has grown. If you take a look at the related searches you can see that users have become more sophisticated and tend to look for specific hosting products.

3. Use Trends For City Volumes

The following search shows relative volume by city for a search phrase. This can help you decide which cities you should be focusing your efforts on and for what keywords.

4. Use Suggested Search Terms

To get an up to date idea what people are searching for in your city don’t forget to look at suggested searches. This can turn up some surprising results.

Suggested Searches for "Is Kevin Rudd"

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