SEMrush Summer Jam 2019 Lisbon

by Jim July 11, 2019

Coming to you from Portugal this week as I wrap up attending the SEMrush Summer Jam in Lisbon. It has once again been an awesome experience, and not just for the incredible company and hospitality, but for the fact that SEMrush has the best SEO and search tools in the business and are willing to host these events where they happily receive customer input and feedback. I got to network with some of the brightest minds in the industry and share my revenue model ideas.

What I learned

  • You should attend a SEMrush event at least once!
  • Every tradesman needs a reliable tool. What’s yours?
  • Improve your business by listening to peers
  • We’re all busy, but try to connect
  • Prove me wrong to help me improve


Hi, welcome back, Rankers. Sorry, I’ve nearly lost my voice. Well, I kind of have. Just finished the SEMrush Summer Jam 2019 in Lisbon, and it was awesome. I’m recording off the mobile today, off of the desktop. Well, off the desktop, the screen. I just want to show you some of the members who were here.

The right tool for the job

The reason I love the SEMrush Summer Jam is that if you’re a good tradesman or a contractor or a craftsman or whatever your pursuit, right, you probably use some sort of tool. SEMrush has been awarded, I don’t know how many awards, but they pretty much cleaned up globally for the last couple of years for SEO tools and search tools. If you’re a craftsman or someone who makes things or does stuff, you want good tools. You want the best tools, right? So if you can go to the manufacturer of those tools and say, “Hey, how about this?” and then they do it, it’s awesome. That’s what the SEMrush Summer Jam is all about. So they’re getting information from the best minds, or some of the best minds. I don’t know everybody in the industry, but I certainly know these people have some of the best minds in the industry. That’s what they get.

What we get is even more, because what we get, apart from the experience and all the hospitality that they treat us to, which is pretty awesome I’ve gotta say, what we get is to talk to people that we respect and whose knowledge is … Well, you can’t buy it, right? You can’t go and get this knowledge anywhere else that I know of. You know, I’ve been to about as many conferences as most people. But this one, the time that you spend one on one with different people that you network with … I mean, have a look at these members. This one. Look at that. Look at those names. I think it was Frank Watson who said, “These people here could own their own search engines,” or something to that effect, which I mean, when you look at that list, pretty impressive list.

So what I get from it is, it helps my business. Because we get a better tool, and I get ideas from these people here that are implementable back home for me. Like I asked Naver, thank you Naver, a couple of things about ads and those sorts of things. You get to speak to these minds that … I mean, everyone’s busy, right? We have to stop, take time to actually connect with people, because we all have such busy lives. This is one of the best events to do that that I know of.

Disprove to improve

So many people that I met, new faces. A lot of new faces this year, which was just awesome to meet and hear ideas and share experiences. You find out that some of the experiences that you have are very similar to what they’re going through as well. And not even just with search, but just with running a business. So all of those sorts of things we get to bring back to our own clients and help them with their business.

It was great to share some of the stuff that I’ve learned over the last couple of years around revenue, basket size, and all these sorts of things. I love telling these people the ideas, because what I want them to do is the same as what I tell the people in the office. Break my theory, prove me wrong, because that’s the only way I can improve. That’s the only way I can improve, right? And they’re going to go away and do that, the few people I’ve spoken to who are working with retailers. One’s in Scotland. It’s just great.

The whole concept behind this for me is a rising tide floats all boats. And SEMrush, you really floated my boat. So thank you, Olga. Thank you, Oleg. Thank you, Fernando. Thank you, Anna. Thank you everybody at SEMrush who had a hand in this, because, bloody hell, you do an awesome job. Thank you very much. See you next week. Bye.

Jim’s been here for a while, you know who he is.

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