SEMrush Summer Jam 2018

by Jim July 3, 2018

I’ve been in Helsinki this week attending the SEMrush Summer Jam. It’s a great opportunity to meet fellow SEOs from around the world, share ideas, and offer feedback on the SEMrush product.

What I learned

  • Why SEMrush’s event is great for product development
  • Why SEMrush is an unmissable event
  • What Google thinks is the future of machine learning


Hey. Welcome back, Rankers! I’m coming to you this week from Amsterdam, just been to Estonia and also Finland. In Finland, I attended the SEMrush Summer Jam. This is an event that they’ve held for the last three years, but it’s an amazing initiative by SEMrush because they get 40 of, I guess, their power users worldwide or 40 SEOs from around the world that they want to come and give feedback on their product, basically. It’s really smart because they get feedback from the users and they incorporate that into their product. But, the great benefit for us as attendees is we get to geek out on things that we never get to geek out with. So, we get to talk to other people and talk about log files and UX and all these things that we never get to talk to with other colleagues because we’re all around the world.

The SEMrush difference

It was a fantastic experience, and they do it so well and they’re organised so well. They bring this community together, and the bonds that are created in those sessions are lifetime bonds. You make lifetime friends with people that you can learn a lot from. The SEMrush product, I think, is the only one out there that I know that is doing this. So, they’re leaps and bounds in front of a lot of other companies, and a lot of other companies can take a leaf out of their book. It’s an incredible initiative, and I can’t thank SEMrush enough for inviting me again, and Olga Andrienko and her crew just do such an amazing job.

I just want to take this opportunity to say, “Thank you so much.” Because I think, like a lot of people there, myself included, we get to experience something once a year, which is for us, as Anna Helmunds put it last year, it’s an unmissable event for us. It was just such fun as well as learning a heap from colleagues and contemporaries, but also seeing where the SEMrush product is going and having some sort of influence on that and what we want to see in the product. That makes it great for us, great for SEMrush, and it’s a win-win.

The Future of Machine Learning

So, keep an eye on the SEMrush product. It’s going to be going through a lot of interesting development. We also had a fantastic presentation from Avinash Kaushik, the guy behind Google Analytics. I’ll be bringing more about that presentation in the coming weeks because it was basically all about machine learning and where it’s heading, and some of the numbers he was talking about in that presentation were just mind-blowing. We were so fortunate and privileged to have access to that information. But, more about that in the coming weeks as well. Next week, I think I’ll be coming to you from Scotland, so stay tuned for that one.

There’s a lot happening back home as well, and I’ll bring you more news on that. There’s more about auDA, so stay tuned for that. Thanks very much, everyone. Thanks very much to SEMrush, and a big thank you to all my new friends and old friends that I met at the SEMrush Summer Jam. Thanks very much. Bye.

Jim’s been here for a while, you know who he is.

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