Retail Global 2020

by Jim February 19, 2020

Preparing for my 12th Retail Global workshop on the Gold Coast, May 27-29. I’ll be basing it on my upcoming book “Get Stuff, Google – Increasing Sales Before Traffic” which is a must for any eCommerce retailers looking to put sales growth before the whims of Google.

What I learned

  • Are you looking for traffic or revenue?
  • Are you applying your retail experience to your online store?
  • Do you know why your customers are abandoning their carts?
  • Have you considered a digital mystery shop?
  • Why you should grab a seat at my workshop.


Hi. Welcome back, Retailers. This is going to be my 12th workshop at Retail Global. Every year I try to bring the most important things that I`ve learned throughout the year for retailers to this workshop. It`s the only place I`ll deliver it. So this year we have learned so much and we have implemented so much, and I`m excited to be able to share this with you.

Need traffic or revenue?

You`re going to find out how this retailer, how he thought he needed more organic traffic, but he`s only got half a percent more. But we`ve got 280% more revenue. You`re going to find out how this retailer spends $4500 a month and makes $103,000 a month. And you`re going to find out this is another retailer who thought they needed more organic traffic, but you can see they`re 12% less but 131% more revenue.

This workshop is based around my book, “Get Stuff, Google – Increasing Sales Before Traffic”, and every participant of the workshop will receive a copy of this book. In addition to that, the other thing you`re also going to receive is a digital mystery shop from Pulse. It`s the only digital mystery shopping service in the world, and it will highlight to you the things that are making your customers grumpy and the reasons why they`re not buying from you or the reasons why they`re abandoning their cart. It doesn`t involve trickery. It involves what you know as a retailer already.

Retail Global 2020 workshop

Come to the workshop, find out, and see how we can achieve these numbers for you. But a word of warning, someone who came last year, we applied these techniques to their site, and within 60 days, their revenue had tripled, which was really, really difficult for a small business to handle. So they had to pull the plug on the service. That`s not BS, it`s just what can happen. Turns out eCommerce design has been done wrong because retailers haven`t been involved.

If you’re interested in attending my workshop at this year’s Retail Global conference on the Gold Coast, it’s on from May 27-29. The workshop is based on my upcoming book, “Get Stuffed Google! – Increasing Sales before Traffic” and is a must for any eCommerce retailers looking to put sales growth before the whims of Google. We have a discount code available; so don’t forget to offer it to your clients and prospects! The code is: STEWART100.

See you there, Retail Global 2020. Thanks very much. Bye.

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