Organic Vs Paid – Finding the right balance

by Jim Haritonas February 23, 2018

What is OPR I hear you ask and why are you in danger if you do not know your score?

Here are some questions for you. How much money, time and resources are you spending on your SEO (organic) strategy versus your Google AdWords (Paid) campaign? What is your return? Where and how do you allocate your funds and marketing spend? Is it balanced? What should that balance be?

Organic versus Paid Ratio (OPR) is the metric that allows you to measure the current revenue from both channels. More importantly, it allows you to identify if the synergy between the two is imbalanced.

In most case scenarios we see a top-heavy spend and reliance on AdWords compared to organic, creating a false economy.

There is a link between organic and paid search that we now use internally to allocate time and predict growth for clients. The actual “magic” number for OPR is parity of 1. In other words, revenue of organic should match that of paid.

What is your OPR score? What opportunities will this open up?

If you are interested to know your OPR score or to discuss any digital marketing strategies that will increase revenue for your business, feel free to speak to the team at StewArt Media. We’ve been helping businesses just like yours for two decades, so contact us today at [email protected]

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