National Australia Bank Interview

June 24, 2008

Well it seems the National Australia Bank is unrepentant when it comes to them placing commercial comments on blogs.

It can be very tempting when you see an online community that matches your demographic to wade in are start selling your wares.

Don’t. It’s just rude. It’s like walking into someone’s party in a park and trying to sell everyone stuff. Or using the emergency lane on the freeway because you’re running late!

Their are better, more efficient strategies that you can use.

The NABs campaign was implemented by their PR agency. I’m hoping it was an ignorance of nettiquette that led to this stuff up.

Some bloggers are now calling for boycotts of the NAB so it looks like the PR Agency will have some extra work trying to mend things:-) It’s a lot of work to maintain a busy blog and the work people put into their blogs is not insignificant. The last thing any blog owner wants to do, is have to spend time weeding out spam.