Mark Dreyfus

by Jim February 16, 2010

My email to local member Mark Dreyfus on the Madatory ISP level filter the AU Govt is bringing in.

Hi Mark,
As you know I have made my opposition clear to the Govt Mandatory ISP level filter on TV, Radio & directly to your office and in person. I would like to know what will happen when the filter gets hacked (as it did last year) or breaks for whatever reason? How is our Internet access affected?

Our business is Internet marketing. Specifically search marketing. If clients web sites are unreachable because either they have been incorrectly blacklisted (as has happened previously) or the filter malfunctions the losses can be enormous.

Who does a business seek compensation from? Who is liable? The ISP? The filter vendor?

Will the Internet be inaccessible to Australians if the filter fails? Or will content simply not be filtered in this scenario?

Jim’s been here for a while, you know who he is.

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