Mark Dreyfus Bypass

by Jim March 5, 2010

Still haven’t had my first email to Mark Dreyfus responded to yet but here is a follow up question which I will be sending today.

Hi Mark,
Still waiting to hear back from you on my technical question regarding your Government’s proposed ISP mandatory filter. I’m getting a lot of friends and family asking how can they bypass the filter. If I was to explain to them that simply downloading the TOR plugin (free) for their Firefox browser, would bypass the multi-million dollar filter, would I be breaking any laws?

Or if I told them that simply using Google proxy server would bypass the filter could this get me into trouble with the authorities? It’s not that my friends and family are interested in RC material, they just don’t like the Government monitoring what they read. Just like they wouldn’t appreciate it if all their mail through Australia Post was checked by your Government before they received it.

Jim’s been here for a while, you know who he is.

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