Jim Stewart’s Sky News Switzer appearance

by Heath Sharples April 23, 2015

UPDATE: Jim’s latest appearance on Switzer features an in-depth discussion regarding HTTPS and it’s impact on search, read all about it here.

Jim Stewart, CEO of StewArt Media, made another appearance as a guest speaker on Sky News Switzer report on Tuesday evening. Jim explained in depth the dangers that websites that aren’t mobile friendly will face come the 21st April, when Google implements changes to its ranking system. Some of the top 200 ASX Companies will face serious drops in consumer traffic that can equate to up to 30% of business, as Google often provides upwards of 50% of traffic.

Jim stated that the solution would be to ensure that each website page was optimised. Sites that acted swiftly would soon see their rankings return. StewArt Media research showed that the potential conversion rate of visitors to a mobile friendly site was three times that of a non-mobile friendly website.

And how do you know if your site is mobile friendly? Simple. Grab a mobile phone and search your site on Google. If you are mobile friendly then your site name will have a ‘Mobile Friendly’ tag beside it.

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