Interactive Ads vs Search Engine Marketing

by Jim February 8, 2007

I was watching Foxtel last night and I was amazed to see them played in their interactive ads.It seems that the advertising industry has latched on to interactive advertising via pay TV as the next big thing.For my part I think they are completely useless, unless someone else out there has the data to the contrary.

Interactive ads via pay TV seem to be making the same mistake as Internet advertisers did in the late 90s.What they fail to realise is that the television set is a passive medium.There is no way in known that I want to see more advertising on television I am already paying for. Interactive advertising is available to digital subscribers of Foxtel.When an interactive ad comes on you can press the red button on your remote control to watch an extended version of the ad or find out more about the product.Why on earth would I want interrupt my programming to watch more ads?

Some Internet advertising executives in the late 90s did a similar thing in reverse when they tried to take over the user’s browser and take them on an advertising surfing trip.What they failed to understand is that the Internet is an active medium and users were actively involved in looking for information.They did not want to sit back and watch the computer monitor as it takes on a trip.Interactive TV ads are intrusive and interuptive, they disturb the viewing experience rather than enhancing.

This is why search engine marketing whether it be search engine optimisation or pay per click advertising is so powerful.The user gets to see the information that they are actively searching for.What could be more powerful than putting your product or service in front of potential customer when it is exactly what they are looking for?

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