Increasing basket size and transactions on mobile

by Jim July 30, 2019

Taking a look at a long-term client that has recently switched to the revenue model. We told her that our target would be to double her revenue over the course of the following month. I’m pleased to say we achieved that target, mainly by focusing on mobile transactions.

What I learned

  • Is it time to refresh your design?
  • Learn to accept compromise
  • Leverage your existing traffic
  • It’s not how the customer arrives; it’s how they leave.


Hey, welcome back, Rankers. Sorry about the audio last week. Got a few complaints, mainly from staff. But I hope you enjoyed the content. I want to talk to you a little bit more about revenue again and, incidentally, if you did have the same sort of issue with the bots that we`ve had or that we`ve seen, we`d love to know, love to hear your theories.

Time for an update?

This is a client who`s been with us for a while, and we`ve only just switched her to the revenue model for this one particular site, and she has a couple of sites with us. The pleasing thing about doing this is that I said to her, `I want to double the revenue in the next month`. And in organic you can see we`ve more than done that, and that was mainly through focusing on mobile.

Now, she already had a mobile responsive site. It was a bit tired. Certainly design-wise in that it was difficult for people to understand what her icons were and those sorts of things, and what the call to actions were, and why should I buy from you? All these things that we know, right? And so we went through and we did a massive makeover of the home page, product pages, and category pages, and then also the checkout.

There`s still more work to do. We couldn`t get as much done as we wanted to do, because she pushed back a little bit. Clients, I like that. If they don`t like it, say, `No, no, we`re not getting rid of that`. Which is fair enough. And look, there`s very good reasons for some of these things, and in this situation you have to compromise. We try to put a value against the thing that we want, and then the business owner can make up their mind whether there`s something else that is of a competing interest that it needs to go there, and ours gets thrown out the window. There`s all these sorts of things that you have to look at along the way to get these sorts of numbers.

Understand the user journey

But a large chunk of this was attributed to iPhone. You can see there the two and a half thousand percent increase in mobile revenue, and you can see we`ve only had a 6% increase in traffic. Chances are, you`ve got the same thing sitting on your plate right now, and you don`t even know.

Now, yes, they`ve still got bad conversion rates in some channels. But when we dig deeper and when we look at the different channels, we can find out why those conversion rates are bad in some, and they`re actually excellent in others.

And so it`s understanding those things, understanding the user journey. I hate to use that, but understand how the buyer is trying to buy something from you. That might have been the user journey. I don`t care how they got there. It`s about how do they get out of there with the thing that they want as fast as they possibly can.

Hopefully, that`s helpful. Please share. Please subscribe and tell your friends. We`ll see you next week. Thanks very much everyone. Bye.

Jim’s been here for a while, you know who he is.

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