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by Jim September 26, 2017

Hey, welcome back Rankers. Wow, we had an interesting week last week. We tried something different on a client site. We were looking at conversion rate optimisation for this one particular retailer. Someone said, “You know what? These two pages here, they’re the highest traffic pages in the site, yet we have to drill down through the menu to find those pages. How about we just put them as top level navigation items?” So we did.

Great User Experience Equals Revenue

The data is now in. We’ve got about 10 days’ worth of data and that’s a big enough sample size for this site. But you can see here the numbers are quite extraordinary, and that’s just from two links. We have increased mobile revenue by nearly 96%. And this is just by two links. It’s these sorts of things that just keep coming back and back to us. You’ve just got to make it easy for the user. The process has to start right from the search results.

Mobile revenue increases
Mobile revenue increases from 2 links

You have to make it easy for the user to decide what result they want to click on. And the better you can do that, then you’re gonna get higher in the rankings. The easier that you can make it for the user on the site, you’re not only going to get higher rankings, because Google can see that, that it’s a good site to use and the user experience is good, but you’re gonna get more transactions. You’re gonna make more money.

Make it easy, make it fast, and basically, SEO for us. These days it’s all about how’s the brand and how’s the user experience? And the user experience is things like speed, it’s page duplication, it’s having crappy URL’s indexed, which shouldn’t be because that’s a bad user experience when the user finds them. So all these things that a lot of people talk about as technical SEO, I would actually call them user experience type things; errors, 404s, server errors, 501s, bad speed. All those sorts of things, they’re all user experience. And when you drill down into some of these numbers some interesting things come out.

Let’s go and have a look at Google organic for this site. So we can see here, our revenue’s up, overall, 46% across all sources. We go from 21 to 31 in that 10 days. So it’s an extra $1,000 a day for them, which is pretty good.

revenue increases from conversion rate optimisation
revenue increases from conversion rate optimisation

If we drill into Google organic we can see that mobile revenue from organic is up 178%. And the reason for that is that it was harder for people coming in from search, or the majority of people coming in from search, were looking for these topics, these pages. And they’re coming in from mobile, so you can see the mobile organics out-performed with that change by 178%, which is pretty good.
Incidentally, this is just a segment in Google Analytics, you can just switch on yourself. Make sure it’s the system segment called mobile traffic, so you can see that. And I’ve got the tablet and desktop there as separate, of course. Another handy segment that you can put in here is sessions with transactions, so you can get the site to see the transactions over time.
Now I’m gonna go and have a look at … Let’s have a look at direct traffic, that’ll be interesting. Direct traffic from mobile, they weren’t getting any sales in the previous period from mobile. This time they got $700 worth, two sales, which is good. This is from direct traffic. And three and a half, up 61% overall for direct traffic, so slightly higher.

Bada Bing, bada boom!

And then, if we have a look at Bing. I know what you’re saying. You’re saying, “Bing? Really?” Here’s the thing with Bing. Bing is great for conversions, typically, especially that ad product. Typically, you’ll get a much higher conversion rate on Bing Ads. The problem that we’ve had with Bing Ads is Bing trying to get the volume. But it’s really worthwhile doing, if you do it right. And this is very interesting if they’re coming in from Bing organic.
Bing uses typically, we will say, they’re … I don’t wanna say they’re stupid, but I say that at the office all the time. They’re simple folk when it comes to the Internet. They are simple folk in that they don’t know how to change their search engine on their browser, they don’t know how to do it. In fact, with Windows 10 we get a lot more Bing take-up, and that’s because these people don’t know how to change the search engine on the browser or, presumable, take the plastic off their furniture.

That’s good for us, because when we come in and have a look we know that they convert better, typically they’re an older crowd. And you look at this one here, Bing organic for this same period. Let’s drill in. Already there, you can see the e-commerce conversion rate’s up 232% from these two links on the homepage.
So two links on the homepage and we’ve gone from one sale to four sales. Organic traffic has actually increased in that time as well, which is interesting because we weren’t doing any other exercises, this is the only one we’re doing. But look at that. Look at the increase in revenue. It’s gone from $73 to $3,600. So that one change, just from Bing traffic, was worth $3600.

Bing revenue up 4800 percent
Bing revenue up 4800 percent

So don’t ignore any Bing traffic. And what I would do is I would have a look at your Bing traffic in your Bing master tools. And also have a look at Google Analytics. And try to work out the majority of your Bing users. What are the pages that they really want to find? What are the products? What’s the thing that they really want to find? And if you’re a retailer, make that really, really simple and easy, especially for your Bing users, and you’re gonna see a big uptake in revenue.
And that’s it for this week’s show. If you’ve got any questions send them through. Hey, if you like the show, it’s been going for 13 years, please subscribe on YouTube, tell your friends, share it on LinkedIn and all your other social networks. That would be awesome. And remember we’re at Pubcon this year, November, and I’m talking about brand and content, and brand over content, how that makes a difference. You get brand and you do UX, boom, up you go.
We’ll see you next week. Thanks very much. Bye.

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