HTTPS Not Secure on logins

by Jim May 1, 2017

I hadn’t seen this before but in addition to Google showing the not secure warnings in the location window it looks as though they will also be showing it as a big red warning next to password fields and presumably credit card fields. I have not yet seen this warning on Credit Card fields though, if you have please let me know.

HTTPS not secure warning on login
HTTPS not secure warning on login

I have my browser set to show the warnings in red which Google will eventually do as well. I’m not sure how long it will be before Google rolls this out but it looks as though they will at some point.

This is the version of Chrome I am using with the HTTPS flags set to verbose.

Google Chrome Version
Google Chrome Version

Update: Tune in on Tuesday night, 7:30pm the 12th of September 2017 on Sky Business to see Jim discuss HTTPS with Peter Switzer, read more about it here.

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