How is the store laid out for sales?

by Jim November 26, 2019

It’s arguably the biggest sale week of the year with the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend approaching. The big question is not only how are you getting people into your store, but are you ready for them once they arrive?

What I learned

  • We can have an instant impact for retailers
  • Your site is your store
  • How do you get people into your store?
  • Compare your bricks and mortar approach


Hey! Welcome back, retailers. What? What did I say? Not `Welcome back, Rankers?` In 15 years of doing this show, that`s right, I started it before YouTube started, it`s always started with, `Welcome back, Rankers,` because it sounds like, `Welcome back, wankers.` But I`ve never said that, ever. Except just then. But the last couple of years, we just worked more and more with retailers and there is so much more to do with retailers where you can have an instant impact on their revenue overnight. I`ve been talking to someone yesterday about this. Hi, Nicole. And someone else this morning who had a 21-second home page load time. Now you might go and fix that for SEO clients, but it might not be the first thing you do, right? So, for a retailer, fixing that 21-second page load time is gold. Also fixing things like this, and this, is not, oh ouch.

This is not… This is two billboards in a row. This is the equivalent of walking into a shop and going slap, slap, enter store. I`m already here, you`re already losing sales, this site and I just clicked on an ad, targeted at me obviously because it was an expensive gadget and now I have to go through a couple of billboards before I buy it. Chances are a lot of people aren`t going to do that because it takes too long.

Are you Black Friday ready?

So this week is the big sale week. So what are you doing? How are you getting people into your store? When you do get them into your store, are you still trying to get them to come into your store? Are you having your Black Friday sales banners plastered across your site? How would you do that in-store? If you`re a Black Friday retailer, how would you present this sale in-store as opposed to how you might be doing it on your website? So the equivalent of the way you might be doing it on the website is that you might have moved or duplicated your shop window with all the sale banners, encouraging people to come in, and simply move that to the top of the categories, the top of the aisles. So you`ve got two shop windows. Why are you doing it? Why do we do it? Have a think about your Black Friday sale. Have a think about your emails. Your emails are your shop window, not your homepage.

So good luck everyone with the big sales this week. Hope it all goes stunningly well, and just make sure you`re capitalising on the people that are already on your site. Don`t make it hard for them to buy from you. Simple as that, and the traffic and everything else, including the revenue, will follow. Hopefully, that`s helpful. We`ll see you next week. Thanks very much. Bye.

Jim’s been here for a while, you know who he is.

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