Facebook Catalogue Ads – Why You Need To Be Doing Them in 2018

by Ash Gaylard November 7, 2018

One of the most powerful features on Facebook’s advertising platform is the ability to connect your ecommerce store and sell your products directly to your Facebook/Instagram audiences.

Once you have set up your catalogue and uploaded your products you are ready to start advertising your products on Facebook and Instagram using the wide range of product ad formats they have available.

The benefits of using a catalogue in your ads is that potential customers can browse your products (just like they would on your ecommerce store) and click directly through to purchase.

Some ads you can run using a product catalogue are:

  • Dynamic product remarketing – show customers the products they added to their cart but didn’t purchase
  • Collection ads – design your own expanding full screen ads that can divide up products based on category, brand or price
  • Carousel – Promote multiple products in a carousel

Once you are running ads with your catalogue, one of the great things that Facebook will do is to optimise to show specific products to people most likely to purchase them.

Note: your campaign will need to go through a learning phase and receive a minimum number of conversions before this will start working properly.

It’s Easier Than Ever To Set Up Your Catalogue!

If you have an ecommerce store but don’t have a Facebook catalogue don’t worry; in 2018 things have got much easier with the ability to sync products directly from your ecommerce platform.

Previous connection options:

  • Use a product feed (Google merchant feed or similar)
  • Install the Facebook pixel and pull your products (this was tedious and took time to set up correctly)
  • Upload products manually (only good for small inventories and no automatic updates if products change)

Below are the platforms that currently support direct Facebook catalogue connection.

Connecting to each of these will be different but for most it is straightforward; either a plugin or simple changes to the store settings.

Facebook Catalogue ads = 1100% Return on Ad Spend

We have been using Facebook catalogue ads for a medium sized sports apparel company and have been running two campaigns which had better return on ad spend than the Google shopping campaign for the same client (600% ROAS).

1. Team based interests

Spend: $1,276
Website Revenue: $14,749

2. Remarketing (products added to cart but no checkout)

Spend: $60
Website Revenue: $1,793

Ad results based on a 30-day period

Since 2015 Ash has been using his Google Ads and Social Media Marketing experience to help his clients achieve their business goals. He has a passion for all things digital and is a committed member of the StewArt Media team.

Ash has been part of the StewArt Media team since mid-2017.

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