Ecommerce Systems And Google Shopping

by Jim February 18, 2015

I’ve spoken a lot about Ecommerce SEO over the years but Google released a new Adwords product late last year called Google Shopping.  They used to have a product called Product Listing Ads (PLAs) which was meh. I have to say though Google shopping is a great way for retailers to get right in front of their audience quickly and with a product that is is deliverying 20% higher conversions than adwords which is extraordinary. We’ll be running a webinar on it soon but I wanted to tell you about our experience with setting Google Shopping on a few different platforms.

How It Works

By creating an XML data feed to Google’s specifications on your ecommerce site it allows you then to setup the Google Merchant Centre which uses the feed for Google Shopping campaigns.

It Doesn’t Suck

I know a lot of us have had nasty/expensive experiences with Google Adwords but this product doesn’t suck. Check this out.

Google SHopping
Google Shopping Results

We’ll be doing a webinar on this in the coming weeks as well as putting together some case studies but if you are a retailer you really should be doing Google Shopping.

Ecommerce Platforms & Google Shopping

Best Platforms For Google Shopping


There are a number of free plugins to help you create the product data feeds but for Magento we use a paid one. The main reason that we don’t use free ones anymore is that we have run into problems with them handling large catalogues.

WordPress / WooCommerce

The team have told me this is a fairly straight forward for a developer to setup.

All The Rest

Certainly it can be setup on other systems such as Bigcommerce but it’s easier on the platforms above. We have done it on Business catalyst but it is a pain in the bum. We haven’t tried it on Shopify, so let us know if you have.

Apologies To Sydney Drivers

We were in Sydney last week and I made the insane decision to hire a car. Sorry!

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