When people talked about online marketing, they can mean very different things.For instance the most powerful form of on line in marketing in my opinion it is search marketing.It of course depends on your product or service that by and large search marketing works better than most forums of online marketing. Search marketing encompasses both […]

Well if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery Google must be feeling pretty special this week after Yahoo’s announcement. Yahoo announced that they would be introducing a quality score into their online advertising program.These are the ads that appear on Yahoo properties when you do a search.Like Google has been doing for years, Yahoo […]

How do you appear on the first page of Google? I used to get asked this question a lot when I was on ABC Radio 774.Over the years I have found out that there is a real science to it. Something I find fascinating, I know what a nerd.The reality is though, if your website […]

In my last article I looked at the importance of ranking high in the search engines. 85% of web traffic is generated by them so if you are not being found in at least the top twenty results then you are missing out on a lot of potential customers.’So why aren’t you ranking? Are you […]