People are always asking me what the latest Google SEO trick is. The trick is that there is no trick. Google SEO is all about good content and making sure other sites know about your content, as well as having a healthy, logical site structure. Any strategy other than that is a short term one. […]

I’ll do a show on this tomorrow but I wanted to give put the link up today. So what is Google Chrome? It has nothing to do with chroming, the Aussie slang for sniffing petrochemical based substances. Google Chrome is a new browser. You may think it a little odd that Google should release it’s […]

Two weeks ago I did a story on the Yellow Pages promotion claiming that your ad may now be found in Google because they were allowing Google to index their ads. I’m revisiting the story this week because it seems no one told Google. You need to have your OWN web site ranked high. Not […]

I was sent a Yellow Pages promo piece during the week by a viewer. I was amazed that Yellow Pages are promoting that their sites can now be crawled by Google and that this will somehow help your business. To me it read like a desperate attempt to try and win back some revenue from […]

Well it seems the National Australia Bank is unrepentant when it comes to them placing commercial comments on blogs. It can be very tempting when you see an online community that matches your demographic to wade in are start selling your wares. Don’t. It’s just rude. It’s like walking into someone’s party in a park […]

If you are looking for Trainee Jobs, Search Marketing is the fastest growing online industry. We are currently looking for Trainees who want a career in search marketing. Junior Systems Administrator This is an exciting and varied position for someone with a passion for everything “Networky”.You will probably be the family nerd that everyone calls […]

Google make recommendations about SEOs at, below are the basics and where we stand with that. Basic Idea Google Say Stew Art Media P/L say SPAM Be wary of SEO firms and web consultants or agencies that send you email out of the blue. You’ll need to subscribe to get an email from us. […]

We have so much business coming in it’s getting difficult to find time to devote to the workshops. I know I’ve said it before but I mean it this time. The Melbourne workshop below is the last one I will be running. So if you want 1/2 a day of learning how to get to […]

Our first SEO Course for 2008 is scheduled for Feb 21st at the Australian Institute of Management. We have an Early Bird booking special for the first time. If you book before 1st of Feb you will enjoy a $100 discount! KEWL HUH? Anyway here a few comments from people whom we have helped previously. Here […]

Regular readers here will know that I have made a couple of half arsed attempts to rank for the phrase Advertising Agency. The reason that I thought I would have a go is because most business owners would think that their Advertising Agency should be their first port of call when looking at online strategies. […]