I hate comment spam. This is the practice of leaving commercial comments on a blog usually with a keyword rich backlink. It is a VERY bad way of building links so I was surprised that a Sydney SEO company would engage in the practice. JimJim’s been here for a while, you know who he is. […]

Google announced a new feature of its search recently. Dubbed Google Search Wiki it allows users to customise their search. JimJim’s been here for a while, you know who he is. https://stewartmedia.biz

Been a bit slow with these vlog posts as business is booming and time has been at a premium. A couple of weeks ago, Google introduced a couple of new tools. They allow you to drill down to individual key phrases to see what there real value your business JimJim’s been here for a while, […]

“Be Searched, Be Found” is our positioning statement. What do you think? As a search marketing company it explains what we do and the benefit. Miles Baker (a great Internet Marketer) came up with idea. I asked for suggestions in a marketing forum I frequent and received heaps of fantastic suggestions. Miles was the winner […]

I understand lots of people want to do their own SEO just like some people like to service their own car. If you are someone who wants to do their own SEO , I have put together your checklist in today’s show In addition to that, we can give you precise instructions that will tell […]

One of the most important elements in ranking high is the quality of your backlinks. You may not know it but there may be heaps of sites out there linking to yours but they are worthless. Google has just improved their service so you can check any bad backlinks out there and fix them. Watch […]

I just got back from speaking at the Search Engine Room Conference in Sydney. Whilst I was there I spoke to some people from Google and they confirmed my suspicions re the top Adwords spots and their bad conversions. If you do any Adwords at all you really need to watch this video. JimJim’s been […]

I said a couple of weeks ago I would do a Twitter demo for you. Well this week I have made good on the promise. I have discovered new technologies, friends and had several business leads through Twitter. Here is how I use it. JimJim’s been here for a while, you know who he is. […]

People are always asking me what the latest Google SEO trick is. The trick is that there is no trick. Google SEO is all about good content and making sure other sites know about your content, as well as having a healthy, logical site structure. Any strategy other than that is a short term one. […]

I’ll do a show on this tomorrow but I wanted to give put the link up today. So what is Google Chrome? It has nothing to do with chroming, the Aussie slang for sniffing petrochemical based substances. Google Chrome is a new browser. You may think it a little odd that Google should release it’s […]