Google make recommendations about SEOs at, below are the basics and where we stand with that. Basic Idea Google Say Stew Art Media P/L say SPAM Be wary of SEO firms and web consultants or agencies that send you email out of the blue. You’ll need to subscribe to get an email from us. […]

We have so much business coming in it’s getting difficult to find time to devote to the workshops. I know I’ve said it before but I mean it this time. The Melbourne workshop below is the last one I will be running. So if you want 1/2 a day of learning how to get to […]

Our first SEO Course for 2008 is scheduled for Feb 21st at the Australian Institute of Management. We have an Early Bird booking special for the first time. If you book before 1st of Feb you will enjoy a $100 discount! KEWL HUH? Anyway here a few comments from people whom we have helped previously. Here […]

Regular readers here will know that I have made a couple of half arsed attempts to rank for the phrase Advertising Agency. The reason that I thought I would have a go is because most business owners would think that their Advertising Agency should be their first port of call when looking at online strategies. […]

Advertising Agencies are unlikely to be able to help you with your search engine optimisation. Many of them do handle PPC campaigns but when it comes to SEO they really do not have the skill set. There are exceptions of course! Advertising Agencies tend to specialise in the creative areas when it comes to reaching […]

At the moment I am ranking no.1 for “US election videos” so I thought I would list the most popular ones here for people looking for them. I’ll get back to the Australian Federal Election soon 🙂 Ok so the absolute stand out winner of US election videos is.. drum roll please… Republican candidate Ron […]

I am starting to get hits on US Election videos so I thought I would add to my weird findings below. I intend to have a similar analysis complete on Aussie candidates next week. The Australian politicians have pretty much buggered up their online campaigns. Here is what I find fascinating as described in my […]

NineMSN Federal Election We are now no.1 in NineMSN for "Australian Federal Election 2007". This took less than a week. Makes you think doesn't it? Where are the political parties search marketers? Non-existent it would seem. Yet they spend all their time mucking about on facebook and myspace. Swinging voters use JimJim’s been here for […]

We now rank 11 & 12 in Google for Australian Federal Election 2007 This has taken about 36 hours to accomplish with three articles. Also the cartoonist web site, “101 things to do with John Howard” has moved up to no.5 from no.6 position after I linked to the site. We are not yetranking in […]

In case you got here by accident I am going to rank for Aust Federal election phrases and then teach visitors to my site how they can also get their message heard. People always want to know how to get seen in Google. Well a federal election is a perfect time to learn if you […]