I got back to Melbourne over the weekend and was rapt to hear the team had achieved a bunch of no.1 rankings for clients whilst I was away. Maybe I should go away more often 🙂 Google maps is showing odd behaviour this week, you’d better check your entries. Also check out your backlinks with […]

I spoke at the “Marketing Now” conference in Wellington NZ last week. I learned heaps. The other speakers were David Meerman Scott (@dmscott on Twitter), Chris Brogan (@chrisbrogan) Stephen Johnston (@huxley) & Sharon Crost (@mktwow). If you are at all interested in getting an edge in your online marketing efforts I suggest you follow them all on Twitter. Also Siobhan Bulfin (@siobhanbulfin) […]

Last night Google announced some changes to the way it is displaying local search results. Got your Google maps entry in? A Mr Clever Trousers & former Googler has published a vid showing you how to get around the AU Internet Censor filter. A good illustration of Pollie Folly when it comes to the net. […]

I got online in 1992. Most people don’t know this but the Internet was created in the late 60s. The idea was to create a computer network that could withstand a Nuclear attack. This meant no computer could be more important than another on the network. So that if Washington got hit the computer network […]

The Emperor has no clothes. Apart from all the freedom of speech issues, one of the main problems I have with Government Internet filter is that it is creating a bottleneck in a system that runs perfectly well without it. I understand that some parents are scared with what the Government and other special interest […]

There is a competition going on at the moment amongst bloggers who are opposed to the proposed Government Internet Filter, to rank for the phrase Presumably this is to draw attention to Stephen Conroy who is the Government architect of this asinine, useless, free speech limiting, nanny state, book burning, China like Internet Filter. The interesting thing […]

I’m following up on Google’s search wiki as I have been reading a lot of ezines who are claiming it’s the end of search as we know it. Codswallop! Search wiki is important but there are a couple of things you need to know. Also I take a look at a technique to Geo target. […]

Happy New Year! Hope you had a great Chrissy & New Year. There are so many things already happening online this year but I had to get my Twitter experience off my chest and explain why you need to be aware of it. It’s Big, with a capital B. JimJim’s been here for a while, […]

Childwise, an organisation which was interviewed on SBS news Sat 13/12/08 in support of Conroy’s Kiddie Cache has been copping a LOT of flack online about their support for the filter. I decided to to contact their CEO directly to find out why they support it. Some of the vitriol I have seen directed at their CEO I […]

Online crisis management has become incredibly important for not only corporate brands but personal ones as well. Whilst most PR Agencies have been focused on traditional media they seem to have, for the most part forgotten what people are seeing in Google and the other search engines when people query their clients brand or names […]