3 Things you should ask yourself and your Digital Marketing Agency before committing

by Jim Haritonas March 22, 2015

So, you have made the decision to acquire the services of a Digital Marketing Agency to boost your website business. Or better even, you have made the ultimate decision to change over to a new Digital Marketing Agency.

The world of the unknown is upon you and consuming your thoughts. “Am I making the right decision? What if it doesn’t work? And if it does, how do I measure it? Am I going to be locked into a long-term contract?”

When doing your due diligence regarding SEO companies, there will be many areas to investigate and compare, however, fundamentally I feel the following questions are imperative to ask:

What are your short and long term objectives?

At StewArt Media, we meet with our partners – both existing and prospective – to clearly ascertain what their goals, targets and objectives are around SEO. We then formulate short and long-term strategies based around these findings. Short-term strategies are measured on a 90 day plan and evaluated on a monthly basis. Detailed reporting during meetings is provided fortnightly. At the completion of the 90 days we meet with our clients once more to map out a way forward. This shapes the 6 and 12-month strategies.

How can I measure the results?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) tends to be very subjective. Based on experience, StewArt Media have created standard operating processes and procedures to measure, track and report on results against set KPI’s. This allows you to clearly measure your past performance, identify your current situation and ultimately forecast, using predictive analytics via data gathered.

Some questions that we ask in order to identify these metrics are, what is your current cost per lead? What is your average sale value? What is your current conversion rate? Delivering a strong ROI is one of our key performance indicators and one of the reasons why we are one of the most respected SEO agencies in Australia.

Will I be locked into a contract?

At StewArt Media we don’t believe in lockdown long-term contracts. We are held accountable against set objectives and create custom solutions based around clients specific needs, however SEO is a long-term strategy. Using the above method we can forecast the timeframe around targets and goals. One of our metrics of success in our business is the longevity and retention of our clients.

Have I managed to eliminate some of those unknown scary thoughts? Feel free to drop me a line and let’s have a further chat about it.


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