3 Steps To A Stronger Brand And More Sales

by Jim Haritonas July 25, 2018

1 x Free Tool, 3 x Ways to use it to grow your online sales & your business
Enter the scene Google Trends
google trends

Google Trends is a free tool that every online business owner and marketer should use. It’s as simple as that!

Whilst Google Trends has many functions, I have picked 3 of these functions that will make an impact to not only your online business, but business overall.

  1. Measure the strength of your brand against your competitors

 Google Trends measures this by understanding and measuring the amount of times the searcher (in this case your target audience) types your business name in Google search compared to that of your competitor. Direct traffic is typically an indication that your brand/business name is strong in the consumer’s mind. We also know that this is highly qualified traffic, which has a higher conversion rate. Here is how to check your brand strength in Google Trends.

Below image represents brand comparison strength between four sports stores. “Rebel Sports” dominates this space….why?

measure strength

  1. Is your brand synonymous with the Product/Service you supply?

The “Related queries” section at the bottom right of the Google Trends data page provides you with this invaluable information. It means that your product/service is synonymous with that keyword.

E.g. I entered the keyword “Fridges” in the Search Term section. Parameters used were in Australia over the last 12 months. Change the drop down box from “Rising” to “Top”.

Harvey Norman & The Good Guys dominate the related queries. This is represented in Google search as top ranking positions. How can you get this working for you?

related queries

  1. What variations of keywords is your target audience searching for? And are you satisfying that intent?

 Lets pick “pillowcase” as an example. What has higher volume of searches? Is it the singular or the plural? Why don’t we put this to the test?

So, how strong is your brand? Is your brand synonymous with your product/service? What language are you using to target your customer-buying persona?

keyword variations

Contact me if you want to find out more about this awesome tool and how to uncover more opportunities and increase revenue.

Jim is the National Sales & Customer Service Manager at StewArt Media, with vast experience as a sales coach and consultant across a number of industries, excelling in digital marketing; he specialises in identifying needs and creating tailored strategies for a diverse range of businesses.

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