2020 Predictions…! For us :)

by Jim December 18, 2019

Well that’s it for another year. It’s been a huge year for our revenue model and our focus on working with retailers. We’ll be rolling out our Mystery Shopper product next year, helping retailers identify fixes on their sites and plugging those revenue holes. The keys will be to build your brand, fix any UX issues and shop your own site. See you next year!

What I learned

  • My 2020 prediction is…
  • The importance of mystery shopping
  • Build your brand & fix the UX
  • Maximise your traffic
  • Shop your own site!


Hey, welcome back Rankers and Retailers! It`s the last show for 2019, and everyone`s got their 2020 predictions out. I can only predict what we`re going to do. So for us, this year has been all about consolidating the revenue model, and working more with retailers. And really maximising the revenue that we`re getting from their sites. And, like this for instance, I would have been concerned a couple of years ago that this guy had lost 0.14% organic traffic over that period of time. But as it turns out he`s got 295% more revenue. His conversion rates are up 91% so, an extra 60 grand, but he`s got less traffic. So mystery shopping for us, is where it all starts now and next year is all about starting first with the mystery shop. And we`ve got a number of different products and services that we`re bringing out in that area to cater to wider audiences for people that we can`t work with, but more and more to take this mystery shop away, and fix things themselves.

And, that for us has been a revelation. So what I would advise anyone who`s in retail for next year, double down on brand, right? Build that brand. Don`t worry about backlinks, seriously, fix all the UX issues, right? So these sorts of numbers come from fixing the stuff that Google wants you to fix. Now, we might not have got the organic rankings, but we don`t care because we`re buying a lot of traffic as well. And the traffic numbers for ads are even better than those ones. So think about how you`re going to maximise the revenue, from the traffic that you have. Okay? We`ve got a lot of myths about E-commerce that have just come up. They`ve just been assumptions really. And the main problem has been, is most retailers don`t shop at their own sites.

If you haven`t bought something from your site on a mobile, you`re probably losing money ‘cause you probably don`t know the problems you`ve got. Hopefully that`s helpful. Have a great and safe Christmas. Thank you for all of your support this year. And please leave a comment, share, subscribe, and if there`s anything you`d like me to cover next year, just let us know. We haven`t done reviews for a while, so things like that. Hopefully that`s helpful, and we`ll see you next week. No, you won`t. We`ll see you next year. Bye.

Jim’s been here for a while, you know who he is.

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