Bloggers SEO has released it’s SEO Essentials pack

by Nick Young March 10, 2017

After months of work done by a group of dedicated, hardworking and incredibly attractive people (no bias), the StewArt Media team is finally ready to launch our BloggersSEO – SEO Essentials pack. Consisting of four modules – Search Console Configuration, Yoast SEO Configuration, Keyword Research and Content Structure – the pack aims to build a strong foundation on which to grow your own SEO skills.

While primarily aimed towards bloggers, the SEO Essentials pack can be applied to any WordPress site, and of the 4 modules, 3 don’t require WordPress at all (Yoast being the only WordPress dependant module). Also, if you’ve already got a good grasp on researching keywords, but want to learn more about structuring your content to rank for those keywords, modules can also be purchased individually.

So, if you’re ready to start your organic growth journey to maximum overdrive rankings, take the leap and grab yourself a pack. If you’re still not convinced, have a read of our module descriptions below to see if they’re the right fit.

Search Console Configuration

Previously Google Webmaster Tools, Google Search Console is a free web based service offered by Google. Through Search Console, you are able to ensure Google has access to all of your content, hide content you don’t want showing in Google, manage international targeting, and monitor and resolve error, malware and spam issues.

Search Console provides useful insights into how search engines see your site, external sites linking to your site, mobile user experience, keywords used to locate your site, keywords performance in relation to traffic, and highlighting rich search results.

This module demonstrates the correct setup of Search Console.

Yoast SEO Configuration

YoastSEO is an incredibly popular WordPress plugin, designed to simplify the optimising of your site. Its user friendly interface allows you to easily edit page content, image titles, meta descriptions, XML sitemaps and more. Both the free and premium options include a number of useful and essential features, with additional integrations for Google Maps, Google News and Video optimisation.

This module covers an introduction to and set up of YoastSEO, and creation of sitemaps.

Keyword Research

Keywords are what users put into search engines – the phrases they type to find your site. They are used to describe and summarise the content of a particular site or page. Search engines crawl websites to find prominent words within content, and use these to match particular sites with the user’s search.

Keywords are pivotal in helping you audience reach your site, and selecting the right ones is essential. Choosing and researching high quality, relevant keywords will improve your search rankings and click through rates.

This module covers knowing what your keywords are, importance of customer profiling, using the Google Trends tool to understand search volumes and seasonality, and understanding how your customers search to find your business.

Content Structure

All sites should function with the idea of serving their audience’s needs before their own. In theory, overusing keywords sounds like an easy way to rank higher for your chosen phrases. Not only will Google pick up on this and recognise it as unuseful, your audience may not read your content. If the same word or phrase constantly appears within an article, especially when a better alternative could have been used, readers may become bored or your message will be lost.

Correct content structure not only helps Google understand what your post is about and how relevant it will be to searchers, it also ensures your posts are focused on your audience, increasing their experience on your site.

This module covers how to structure posts for SEO, the difference between titles and headings, where to use your keywords for SEO, and how to see where you rank in other cities.

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