By Honing in on Australia’s 12.6 Million Facebook Profiles, You Too Can Leverage Facebook Advertising To Quickly Reach New Potential Customers

With its massive growth in daily active users, Facebook Advertising has now become one of the best ways to pinpoint new customers:

Number of Daily Active Facebook Users Worldwide

2 out of 3 Australian adults now possess Facebook profiles and this number is growing fast.

For smart businesses, this has made a huge impact on how they find and resell to customers. Facebook also delivers a new level of targeting that never has before been possible in ANY type of advertising allowing you to pinpoint audiences most likely to want to do business with you and forming a powerful partnership with complimentary strategies such as SEO.

How Broad Your Facebook Ads Audience Can Be

Nevertheless, there are still many pitfalls that stop most Facebook Advertisers from creating lasting campaign strategies that get results.

Approach Facebook Advertising The Wrong Way and You’ll not Only Waste Money… You’ll Damage Your Online Profile & Slow Down Future Growth

Most Facebook advertisers fail by falling into these 5 common traps:

  • 1. Mismatching your marketing message for each audience, leading to negative social comments that turn off potential new customers
  • 2. Treating Facebook Advertising like Google AdWords – Facebook needs a longer strategy to generate demand
  • 3. Audiences that are too broad, leading to weaker conversions and higher costs
  • 4. Developing generic ads that don’t appeal to Facebook’s social nature
  • 5. Unstructured campaigns that aren’t optimised for scalability, limiting growth and increasing time to manage
Facebook Ads And Search
A Great Facebook Advertising Strategy Will Provide
Raving Fans Ready to Do Business With You

By leveraging StewArt Media as your Facebook Advertising Agency you can:

  • Pinpoint audiences that will convert – We help navigate over 10,000 different targeting options to find what works for you
  • Navigate Facebook’s stringent advertising policies to create killer Facebook ads that work
  • Crafting Ads designed specifically for Facebook’s unique platform
  • Gain ongoing strategic optimisation to build lasting campaigns
  • Advanced Facebook conversion tracking & reporting – Unfortunately Google Analytics doesn’t integrate well with Facebook Advertising, so we’ve built our own systems to accurately report your ROI

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