SEO Methodolgy

Ever wondered why your competitors enjoy prime real estate on the first page of Google while your own site languishes in Google’s wastelands?

SEO = Search Engine Optimisation

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, a process-driven approach to online marketing that involves targeting the key phrases you want to rank for and building your website around these keywords to get you on Google’s high-traffic first page.

It involves getting down and dirty with a websites coding to make it more appealing to Google’s robots, building genuine one-way links back to your website, developing target entry points into your site for specific keywords, optimising the content on your site for SEO and a host of other processes to address the hundreds of different algorithms Google uses to rank websites.

While all that sounds pretty technical, Search Engine Optimisation is about business, not technology. It’s about making sure your products and services are available to the very people searching for it. Studies show that those searching for your products online are more likely to be ready to buy than their offline counterparts. SEO is how you reach them.

If you’ve heard of SEO before, you’ve no doubt heard about its somewhat shady reputation. But at Stew Art Media, we do things a little bit differently. Much like Google itself, we believe in making the Internet a better place by helping deliver the most relevant results to searchers.

How does this help you? We don’t cut corners.

Rather than focus on building bogus links or participating in shady link exchanges, our methods rely on making your website the best it can be on every level. We focus on actually making your website more relevant and authoritative rather than trying to dupe Google into thinking it is.

Our ‘white hat’ ethical approach delivers lasting results that ensure your campaign never suffers from questionable ranking techniques that Google routinely targets with algorithm changes and ranking penalties. Our SEO Blog has been sharing these tips since 2006.

We don’t offer promises, because in SEO, nothing is guaranteed. What we do offer is total clarity in our processes, involvement in your campaign, and always reachable, human faces who breathe your campaign day in and out.

Still not convinced about the value of SEO to your business? Here’s a few of the key improvements you’ll see to your online presence with a Stew Art Media SEO campaign:

  • Receive deluges of traffic to your website from high quality key phrases
  • Gain hundreds or even thousands of potential leads from customers ready to buy
  • Gain visibility for your business online with high traffic keywords
  • Tap a new stream of revenue by reaching customers online
  • Long lasting results that won’t cost you per each visitor, saving you more in the long run

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